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Your Ultimate Guide to Understanding Squonking

Your Ultimate Guide to Understanding Squonking

No, you didn't hear it wrong. Squonking is a real word.

For any vaper who's been around the block a few times, you might know that it's is an exciting new trend in the vape industry.

It might sound like a strange word, but what it means is actually pretty simple.

Essentially, squonking is the process of sending e-juice from your mod to your tank. It's a device that holds your e-juice supply internally and feeds the juice directly into the atomizer.

For an experienced vaper, a squonk mod can help make your vape experience faster and easier.

So what is squonking? How can you use a squonk mod safely?

Let's take a closer look at this vaping method to see if it's right for you.

Your Ultimate Guide to Understand Squonking

In 2017, electronic cigarettes and other vapor products were used on a day to day basis by over 3.7 million Americans.

For any advanced vapers out there, squonking is a great way to rise to the next level of vaping. It's is emerging as a new and innovative way to vape--but it's important that you understand how to do it before you start.

What is Squonking?

Squonking is a vaping technique that involves a squonk mod and a bottom-fed tank atomizer. 

A squonk mod closely resembles a box mod, except for a key difference. There's a cut-out in one of the side panels which allows you access to a silicone bottle of e-juice. The act of "squonking" itself is the process of sending e-juice from the mod to the tank.

It's a great option for a vaper who's looking for an all-in-one solution.

In addition to the ease of use and convenience, it has a large tank so you won't have to lug around separate bottles of juice throughout the day.

Unlike a conventional vape, you don't need to drop more e-liquid on the cotton wick every time you run out.

The History of Squonk Mods

The bottom-fed mods first originated in 2009. The first squonker is credited to "Carlos 49," a member of the E-Cigarette Forum (ECF). His creation, the Juicebox, was the first commercialized vape that relied on squonking. 

While the Juicebox wasn't very commercially successful, it served as an inspiration for the many popular versions of squonkers that have emerged in recent years.

How Does It Work?

Constantly dripping e-juice onto your cotton wick can be time-consuming--not to mention inconvenient. Squonking addresses these issues to provide for a smoother vaping experience. 

A squonk mod uses mostly the same mechanics, with one big difference. Instead of dripping, squonk mods use an internal reservoir that can carry large amounts of e-juice. When you squeeze the bottle, the juice will move upwards into the tank. 

The tank is clear so that you can see how much of the liquid is still there. Gently pressing on the bottle will refill the tank so that you can fire up the device. This act of squeezing is known as "squonking." 

You'll know that it's time to squeeze (or squonk) the bottle when the flavor starts to feel dull, the wick becomes dry, or you taste something burnt while vaping. 

Here's a step by step recap on how to use your squonk mod:

  1. Squeeze the bottle gently to bring e-liquid into the tank
  2. Release the bottle, letting it go back to its original shape
  3. Most of the extra liquid will be sucked back into the bottle, but the liquid that remains will wet the wick for you to use the device
  4. Hit the power button of your mod to take a puff, and then start vaping
  5. When you feel the flavor diminishing, gently squeeze the bottle again to send more liquid to the tank

The Pros of Squonking

While squonking isn't entirely mainstream yet, there are a lot of benefits to using this new technique.

We've covered a lot of the positives already, but here's a comprehensive list of all the bonuses you can get with a squonk mod.

  • No constant dripping of e-juice required--just a simple squeeze and your wick is ready to go
  • Tanks can be refilled quickly to save time
  • It's easier to use on the go
  • There's much more tank capacity--about three to four times the amount of a vape device with just a rebuildable atomizer
  • You won't need to carry separate bottles of juice everywhere you go
  • Minimal leaking or overflow because the excess liquid goes back inside the bottle
  • You aren't sacrificing any of the flavor--it's just as intense as with a typical RDA

The Cons of Squonking

With all of the benefits of squonking, you might wonder why the use of squonk mods isn't more widespread. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Many of the squonk mods out there are unregulated
  • There aren't as many safety features in place as there are on a typical vape device
  • Battery life tends to be pretty low for most squonk mods
  • Depending on your vaping habits, a squonk mod could encourage higher vape consumption

While battery life and vape consumption are minor disadvantages, it's important to be aware of the potential safety risks that can come with unregulated squonk mods. We'll get more into that in just a second.

What Are Unregulated Squonk Mods?

One big downside to squonk mods is that the vast majority of them are unregulated. Although the growing popularity of squonk mods means that more and more are becoming regulated, there are still only a few regulated mods on the market right now. 

When a vaping device is unregulated, this means that there aren't as many safety measures in place. 

These mods aren't developed for newcomers--or even the average vaper. 

In order to use an unregulated squonk mod safely, you need to have learned all about the Ohm's law--voltage, wattage, resistance, and electricity. If you're not experienced in building or repairing your own coils, squonking might be something you'll have to wait on. 

The consequences of this can be pretty serious. Incorrectly built or unregulated mods can explode and cause serious damage or injury. 

Squonking as a part of the vaping industry is really only in its infancy. Because of the advanced nature of the tech, not all vape companies have caught on to the developments necessary to make squonk mods. 

Whether you're a complete newbie or a vape veteran, it's vital that you buy brand name, factory built devices and batteries. Double check your source to make sure they're reputable. 

Use extra diligence when buying squonking devices--and if you're at all in doubt about the safety of your device, it's always better to err on the side of caution.

Squonk Mod Safety

As with all vaping devices, your squonk mod is perfectly safe--as long as you handle it carefully and responsibly.

It's important that you understand Ohm's law and know how to take care of your batteries. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Never put batteries into loose pockets--keys or other metal objects could cause sparks
  • Always charge your device on a fire-proof surface
  • Store your batteries safely in appropriate containers when you're not using them
  • Check your device and batteries regularly for any damage
  • If batteries are getting too hot during use, your device might be struggling to keep up--try lowering the wattage
  • Only buy mods and batteries from a trusted source

How to Choose the Right Squonk Mod

If you're looking for the best squonk mod for you and your vaping preferences, it's important that you know where to look.

There are a lot of different kinds of devices, and they all have their own looks and features that have their own pros and cons.

Whether you're buying online or in-store, here are some things you should keep in mind before you go looking for a new squonk mod.

1. Is it safe?

The last thing you want is to buy a squonk mod for the first time only to find out that it's ineffective or unsafe to use.

Buying a poorly made squonk mod from a dishonest manufacturer could result in injury--and at the very least, a broken mod.

Always be sure that you're buying from a reputable manufacturer. Double check all your sources, read the reviews, and ask around to make sure that you're making the right decision.

Saving a couple bucks on a battery or a mod that's poorly made or unregulated isn't worth it. Your safety should come first.

2. What matters most to you?

As long as your device is safe, the type of squonk mod that you buy comes down almost entirely down to your personal preferences.

Ask yourself the following questions to narrow down your choice:

  • Is color a deciding factor? Does it matter at all?
  • What do you look for in mod appearance?
  • Do you prefer small mods or larger ones?
  • Do you want temperature control?
  • What's the highest wattage that you want to go up to?
  • Do you want a removable battery or one built in?

Keep in mind--you might not find a mod that fits all of your specifications exactly. When you make a list of what matters to you, prioritize it from first to last. Know which features you can and can't live without before you start your search.

3. Have you done your research?

You wouldn't go into a car lot and buy the first car that catches your eye without doing a little research, right? Why should your mod be any different?

Especially if you're buying online, it's important that you do your research and buy from a trusted retailer. 
Not only will it help you get a better idea of what you want, but it will help you make an informed decision. 

Take a look to see what's out there--including types of squonk mods, the different manufacturers, and the range of prices. Once you've narrowed down what you're looking for, you can start checking out the reviews of the devices and companies to make sure it's the right choice. 

Have at least 2-5 different models in mind before you commit to buying a device. Take your time to compare the prices and pros/cons of each device.

Is Squonking Right For You?

Now that you know how it works and you've seen the pros and cons, all that's left is to try it out for yourself. 

Squonking is a technique that makes the vaping experience smoother, easier, and more convenient. 

Are you ready to try out squonking? Check our selection of squonk mods to get started.

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