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What’s an RDA? And How To Blow the Biggest Vape Clouds

What’s an RDA? And How To Blow the Biggest Vape Clouds

Are you a cloud chaser? Do you want to be? For many vapers, one of the most fun and alluring parts of vaping is the ability to blow huge clouds. But getting started can be intimidating.

After all, generating massive clouds isn’t just a matter of blowing really hard. It requires a mixture of form, function, and the proper supplies. 

Supplies? Yup. Many cloud chasers credit their massive clouds in part to the perfect RDA.

That leads to the question...what’s an RDA? And how can it help you blow the biggest clouds? 

This post is the perfect starting point for cloud chasers. Here, we’ll talk about what cloud chasing is, why many vapers prefer an RDA to do it, and tips for the proper technique and gear to make it happen! 

What is Cloud Chasing?

Cloud chasing refers to the art of creating massive clouds with vapor. It’s become an increasingly popular part of vape culture, and today it’s considered one of the biggest draws to vaping! 

In fact, cloud chasing has become so popular that there are even entire communities and even competitions around the world where expert vapers compete, performing tricks and making incredible, awe-inspiring clouds.

As a sport, it’s called cloud chasing; the vapers who do it are called cloud chasers. Some cloud chasers are really very impressive––it’s amazing to watch what they do! 

Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers

What’s an RDA? 

RDA stands for “rebuildable dripping atomizer.” It might sound high-tech and confusing, but it’s actually not that hard to understand. To begin to demystify RDAs, let’s back up and define “atomizer.”   

If you hit up the dictionary, an atomizer is defined as “an apparatus for reducing liquids to a fine spray, as for medicinal or cosmetic application.”

In the vape-o-sphere, an atomizer refers to the portion of your device that transforms vape juice into vapor. 

At one time, the atomizer was simply considered the coil of the vape tank––aka the part that vaporizes the vape juice. However, over time the term has expanded. 

These days, the atomizer is generally associated with “rebuildables” or RBAs (“ReBuildable Atomizers”) or tanks/drippers that are put together and manually fitted with a coil. The coil is physically wrapped and attached to the system with a wick.

Yes, the term is still used for non-rebuildables, but at this point many vapers will more quickly think of RDAs and RTAs when you toss around the term atomizer. 

RDA refers to a rebuildable dripper system, and RTA refers to a rebuildable tank atomizer. For the purposes of this post, we’re focusing on the former: the RDA. 

RDAs and Cloud Chasing 

For many cloud chasers, an RDA is not optional––it’s essential. 

An RDA gives you the ability to build your own coil. This gives you a lot of personalization and customization with the overall vape experience. 

You could think of it as how race car drivers will have custom built cars. In the world of cloud chasing, the RDA is the vehicle that helps you win the race...but in this case, it does that by helping you generate maximum vapor. 

RDAs are sometimes called “drippers” because they require manual dripping of the vape juice on to the coil after every few puffs. For some, this can be tedious for everyday use. But if you want to get competitive about cloud chasing, dripping is the best way to create enormous, impressive clouds. 

Coils and Cloud Chasing

Cloud chasers will be quick to tell you: the build of your coils is super important if you want to make big, fluffy clouds.  

In general, the lower the coil resistance, the bigger your clouds would be. While “lower” might sound counterintuitive for more production, it’s not. 

Lower coil resistance actually means that the coil resists less, so more power can pass through. This means the vape juice is converted to vapor a lot faster. 

Another choice that you can make with an RDA? The number of coils. If it’s an option, cloud chasers will frequently opt for a dual coil, because it allows for yet more vapor to be produced. 

What else goes into creating the perfect setup for cloud chasing? There are plenty of different factors, but let’s talk about some of the most important considerations. 

biggest vape clouds

How to Blow the Biggest Clouds: Tips and Tricks 

Now that you’ve got a working understanding of what cloud chasing is and how an RDA can help you get your head in the clouds (in a good way), let’s talk about some tips and tricks. 

Here are some ways to refine your technique and setup so that you can blow the most impressive clouds possible.


Sufficient airflow is important for creating the best clouds. If not enough air is getting through, the vapor may struggle to get out and it could even cause an explosion. Nobody wants that! 

But if there’s too much air, it can dilute your clouds. So it’s important to hit that Goldilocks zone, where airflow is free but not too drafty. 

Be sure to adjust your airflow so that it flows smoothly but not too quickly. This will help vapor production happen quicker, meaning the clouds will come out of your device as big and impressive as possible!  

Breathing Technique

Proper breathing can help you create the biggest clouds. The not-so-secret: slow but steady wins the race. 

If you inhale too quickly, you may not be generating as much vapor as possible. A slow, steady inhale is vital for taking the most vapor in and letting the most vapor out. 

When it comes to your exhale, take it easy there, too. The last thing you want is a cloud that thins out because you’re exhaling too quickly! 

Proper Batteries and Battery Safety 

If you want to be a cloud chaser, you won’t get too far if your device implodes because of an incorrect or unsafe battery setup. Using appropriate batteries and adhering to battery safety best practices is key! 

For the most safety, never leave your mod charging while it’s unattended. Additionally, always be sure to either use the charger that came with your mod, or one made by the same manufacturer as your mod. Finally, don’t overcharge your mod! 

Vape Juice

There are two key bases for vape juice: propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG). Not sure what the difference is between these two? Check out this post to learn more.

It’s possible to choose one or the other, but most vapers prefer a mixture of the two for an optimal throat hit and the overall most pleasant vape experience possible.

When it comes to cloud chasing, though...VG rules the school. The thicker, more viscous texture of VG vape juice makes much more impressive, dense clouds. 

Some cloud chasers in competition will use as much as 100% VG for max cloud production. However, for the casual cloud chaser or those who are just testing the waters, a more moderate mix of 70/30 VG to PG might be a better starting point. 

Vape Device 

As you’ve already gathered, your vape device has a direct impact on the amount of vapor you’ll be able to generate. 

An RDA is often viewed as the best way to go if it’s clouds you’re after. In general, you’ll want to look for a powerful battery and a low resistance coil for optimal vapor production.  

The Final Word on RDAs and Cloud Chasing 

Cloud chasing is a fascinating practice that brings a sense of fun and friendly competition to vaping. You probably won’t be a pro on the first try, but with the proper gear, technique and a little practice, you too can blow massive clouds that will impress all of your friends.

Make sure to do your homework and invest in high quality supplies to ensure the best possible cloud chasing experience. At Blazed Vapes, we have plenty of vape devices, vape juice, and an extensive blog. That means you can get all your gear and learn plenty of awesome techniques on the same site! 

Are you a cloud chaser? Do you have any tips to add? Leave a comment! 

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