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What the Heck Is a Squonker? And Why Should You Care?

What the Heck Is a Squonker? And Why Should You Care?

Squonkers, or bottom feeders, may sound like something you gig for in the Florida Everglades. Though they're not going to be anyone's supper, people in the know do hunt for them.

Those who remember a squonker from an earlier vaping era are coming back for more. The name itself is way cool and comes from the sound of the juice squeezing into the mod's small tube.

So what is this great-sounding item? First, it rolls up a vape like it rolls off the tongue. Second, it's a cheap choice for all types of vape juice. And, it's a convenience in vaping like no other. Here's what you need to know.

You Squeeze Them

Squonk boxes aren't anything new. It's a simple mod design with a space inside for both the battery and the juice bottle.

A hole along the side of the mod lets the user squeeze, or squonk, the bottle. Instead of the juice dripping down as in most models, it moves up. This is where the term "bottom feeder" arrives.

Once the wicks and the RDA do their job, the excess juice drips back to the bottle thanks to gravity.

Why Squonkers Won't Go Away

The simplicity of a squonk mod got vapers squeezing years ago. Having the juice and battery in one place works well.

And, because the juice keeps the wicks wet, there's no need to perform the task between vapes. But, the early 2010 versions could not take off in commercial sales due to small inventories.

Other mods began hitting the market in larger numbers. Hard-core squonkers don't go away, and Kanger knows it. In 2016, their drip box version scores big. And, with a price of $30, well, the rest is history.

The convenience of one-piece-out-the-door vaping is here. Again.

Today's Squonker Choices

The convenience of squonking also comes with great options. There are scores of RDA choices in both clones and the real McCoys.

Because the roomy mods can hold up to 10 ml of vape juice, users can enjoy their favorites without any extra work. Though early squonks did not pack much power, today they hold their own.

Options include up to 200 watts. Hollow 510 center pins allow greatest vapes as fans squeeze juice up to the RDA. And, custom mods are popular with those who have the means.

For those who don't, off the shelf kits are one of the most affordable vapers find.

Those Who Squonk Know the Law

Squonking is not illegal. But there's a relevant law to understand before you take up the venture. Ohm's law.

Because these mods are mechanical by nature, they don't have battery safety features. So, you'll need to brush up on how battery explosions happen. Installing a battery backward is common.

Using an atomizer whose needs are higher than the wattage can happen. One of the significant advantages of a squonker maximum control over vaping.

Maintaining battery operation is part of the gig. If you're not up for night classes, there are a few regulated versions.

Ready to start? We've got more great tips and everything else you need here.

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