WARNING: This product contains nicotine.  Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

What is Vape Juice?

What is Vape Juice?

If you’re new to vaping, you might be confused by the term “vape juice.” It might seem baffling at first: what exactly does juice have to do with vaping? 

In spite of the name, vape juice isn’t something you drink. It’s this “juice” that generates the vapor in your vape device...and it’s a necessary component to vaping.

In this post, we’ll offer up everything that you need to know about vape juice, starting with what it is, how it works, why it’s necessary, and how to use it with your vape device. 

What is Vape Juice? 

Vape juice goes by many names. You might see it referred to as e-juice, vaping liquid, or e-liquid. No matter what you call it, you’re going to need it if you want to vape. 

Vape juice is to vaping what gas is to a car. It’s the fuel that takes you on your journey. Without this fuel, nothing’s going to happen. Trying to use a vape device without vape juice is like trying to drive a car without gas. You’re not going to get anywhere. 

How does it work? It’s pretty easy. Vape juice is poured into the tank of your vape device. Then, when you turn on the device, it’s heated up and creates a thick vapor. This is what you inhale. You need the juice to generate the vapor...and without juice, you could ruin your device! 

Vape juice comes in bottles of all shapes and sizes; the most common vessel is a glass bottle. Often, they come with droppers built in to the cap so that you can easily drip it into a tank. Some also come with squeeze bottles. 

Vape Juice Flavorings 

Vape juice is available in seemingly limitless flavor variations. Food-grade additives are incorporated to give each different flavor a personality and profile of its own.

Whatever kind of flavor sensation you’re seeking out, you can probably find it as a vape juice. From cherry soda to menthol flavors or even cigarette-inspired flavors, you’ll find it. You can browse our extensive vape juice store to see the many flavorings available! 

Flavorings to Avoid

When it comes to flavorings, there are certain ingredients that vapers should avoid. One biggie? A little something called diacetyl. 

When inhaled in large amounts, diacetyl can have negative effects on your health. While studies remain somewhat inconclusive, most of the better vape juice manufacturers avoid using it in their products. Better safe than sorry: avoid it when possible! 

Vape Juice Ingredients 

Vape juice is made from a small list of ingredients that can create a large variety of different flavors and vapor consistencies, offering a different vape experience.

Most vape juice is made using either a VG or PG base. Food-grade flavoring and pharmaceutical-grade nicotine are then added to those bases to create a tasty e-juice. Let’s explore the difference:  


VG is short for vegetable glycerin, which acts as the base for this type of vape juice.

VG starts with a base of coconut oil, palm oil, or soy oil. It’s colorless and odorless. Vegetable glycerin should sound familiar, because it’s used in plenty of different products that you probably use in your everyday life. It’s frequently used in lotions, beauty products, and other wellness products.  

Food-grade vegetable glycerin is often used in packaged foods, as well. 

Flavor-wise, vegetable glycerin imparts a mainly neutral but slightly sweet flavor. As a vape juice, this natural sweetness adds to the vape experience without adding actual sugar. 

Many vape juices that have a sweet flavor, such as dessert-inspired or fruit flavors, will have a VG base. 

VG and Vaping 

Are you a cloud chaser...or do you want to be? If you’ve ever tried to do vape tricks, or if you’ve ever been fascinated by vape competitions where competitors blow massive, thick clouds of vape, then VG based liquid is probably the right pick for you.

These big, impressive clouds and cool tricks are really only achievable with VG based e-liquids. Sure, PG based e-liquids (explained below) can give you nice clouds, but VG based e-liquids are where the fireworks are in terms of creating a nifty display. 

This owes a lot to the consistency of VG. It’s a much thicker and more viscous liquid than PG. What this means in terms of maintenance is that if you use VG, you’ll really have to be on top of cleaning and maintaining your device. 

The thicker consistency can be more prone to building up residue on your device, so frequent cleaning will be necessary to ensure that your device doesn’t get clogged. 

In terms of the vape experience, a VG base has a signature, tangy-sweet flavor that many vapers really enjoy. 


PG is short for PG propylene glycol. This one might not be as familiar-sounding as vegetable glycerin, but it’s also a common ingredient. 

Propylene glycol is a synthetic liquid that comes from the same chemical backdrop as alcohol. It’s used in a lot of different packaged food and drinks. Similar to VG, it’s colorless and odorless. However, there are some distinct differences, as well.

First, PG is generally flavorless. This means that it’s a real blank slate in terms of flavorings. Vape juice manufacturers can add a much bigger variety of flavors that don’t have the signature sweet undertone of VG bases. This means it’s better suited to some more savory flavors, like tobacco-inspired varieties. 

Texture-wise, it’s more liquid than a VG base. It doesn’t require the same “pull” on your vape device like a VG based e-juice does. This means it’s important to take it slow and not suck in too hard! 

PG and Vaping 

When it comes to the vape experience, PG is a bit different than a VG base. Since it inhales more easily, it can have a stronger sensation when inhaled. 

The difference is mostly due to consistency. Comparatively, VG has a more honey-like consistency and greater viscosity. PG is noticeably thinner in consistency, and much more liquid-like. 

Because of this thinner texture, PG is not as well suited to creating large clouds. However, this isn’t to say it won’t create clouds. You can still cloud chase with a PG base, but performing vape tricks won’t necessarily be in your repertoire. 

For this reason, it’s often favored by new vapers who are making a switch from smoking cigarettes. The sensation of the vapor hits the throat stronger than a VG base, so it has the sensation of the “burn” that you get from a cigarette. It isn’t quite the same, but it is often a suitable substitute when weaning yourself. 

For beginners, sometimes starting out with PG vape juice can feel a bit harsh, because they are unaccustomed to the harder hit to the throat, and it can cause mild irritation. 

Usually, this will go away after a few days as you acclimate, but if it doesn’t or if it is uncomfortable, a VG vape juice might be a more appropriate choice for you. 

vape juice

VG and PG Mixes 

It’s possible that in reading the above, aspects of both types of vape juice--VG and PG based--appeal to you. If this is the case, there’s good news: you can enjoy the best of both worlds with a mixed vape juice. 

VG/PG mixes can help you customize your vape experience. They’re available in a variety of different mixes so that you can have the experience that is just right for you. 

For example, many vapers who crave that strong throat hit but also want to make impressive vapor clouds will gravitate a 50/50 mix of VG and PG. 

Alternatively, if it’s the clouds you’re after but still want a hint of that throat hit, a 70/30 mix of VG and PG, respectively, might be the perfect fit for you.

Time and experimentation will really tell you what you like best. And it’s fine to mix it up! Just like food, clothing, and travel, variety is the spice of life when it comes to vaping. 

How is Vape Juice Different From Tobacco? 

Instead of burning tobacco, vaping involves loading your device with vape juice. But how exactly are the two different? 

First off, the actual material is different:

  • Tobacco is an organic material that is burned to create smoke. 
  • Vape juice is a liquid that gets heated up to generate vapor. 

While inhaling vapor does come with some risks, it’s overall much kinder to your health and lungs. It’s considered a much safer alternative to inhaling smoke. 

Additionally, it’s a more courteous and health-conscious choice for family members. With smoking, second-hand smoke can negatively impact those who are in close proximity when you’re smoking a cigarette. This is not a concern with vaping. Second-hand vapor does not pose the same health threats as second-hand smoke. 

Finally, the ingredients lists differ. While tobacco is a single ingredient, the ingredients listed in many cigarettes can include up to 600 ingredients. A large portion of these ingredients are  carcinogenic. Vape juice, on the other hand, is typically made with a far shorter list of ingredients. 

vape juice vs. tobacco

Nicotine and Vaping

Nicotine is an addictive substance, and it’s found in all cigarettes. 

For those who are vaping as a means to stop smoking, it’s often desirable to seek out vape juices with nicotine, because they can help you gradually reduce your intake without going through withdrawal symptoms. 

However, vape juice doesn’t need to contain nicotine. So if you don’t want nicotine, you can choose vape juices without it for a non-addictive vape. Vape juices can also be found with nicotine in varying amounts. 

Since vaping isn’t the same as smoking, it’s best to start with a smaller amount of nicotine and increase based on your personal experience. Your tolerance may be quite different when you vape nicotine as opposed to smoking it in cigarettes.  

Always Buy Vape Juice From Reputable Sellers

They say that you are what you eat. You are also what you ingest!

Before you inhale any vape juice, it’s important to know what you’re putting into your body. Now that you understand what vape juice is, you probably realize that it’s worth buying high quality varieties

At Blazed Vapes, we offer a variety of high quality vape juices that suit a variety of different preferences, styles, and vape needs. 

In Closing 

Vape juice is a vital ingredient for vaping. Without vape juice, you can’t vape! 

However, not all vape juice is created equal. There are a variety of different types to choose from. Every type offers a different flavor and experience! By educating yourself on the many different types, you’ll be better able to choose the juice that is best suited to your style and preference. 

Got questions? Contact us at any time and we'll be happy to help! 

What kind of vape juice do you prefer? Leave a comment and let us know!

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