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What are Ultra-Portable Pod Vape Systems?

What are Ultra-Portable Pod Vape Systems?

aping has been around for quite some time now. In fact, both the industry and the number of people who've quit smoking by switching to a healthier alternative just keep growing.

However, apart from rising, vaping is also evolving.

Today, we are going to talk about a revolutionary innovation in the vaping industry: Ultra-Portable POD vape systems.

Back in the day, new vapers had only two different solutions to choose from:

  1. Vape Pens
  2. and Vape Mods

However, both of these product categories can trigger huge headaches because affordable vape pens, sometimes, are not enough, and vape mods are too complex for beginners.

Let's be realistic. Switching from simply lighting a cigarette to a vaping device where you have to take care of battery life, e-liquids, tank cleaning and things like that is quite a jump.

POD vape systems work as the middle ground.

So, if vape pens or cigarette-like devices seem too weak and vape mods are just too complicated for you, all you have to do is keep reading!

What Are Pod Vape Systems?

POD vape systems (also known as ultra-portable systems) is the solution lying between simple vape pens and complex $100+ mods. Most likely, if you've ever seen a vape system before, you might remember it by its unique design which must have caught your attention right off the bat.

Although it is very similar to that of a cartomizer, there are many other, newer alternatives that stand out from the crowd. PODs may be pretty small, but they are fully equipped with a cartridge, a coil, and a wick.

Yes, in case you were wondering, we are talking about a full, ready-to-use solution here.

In addition, ultra-portable systems are significantly more powerful than your average vape pen. A traditional vaping device caps out at around 180mAh while PODs can reach 300mAh --which is really impressive.

Last but not least, we need to talk about the price. A POD vape system is really inexpensive and can cost from $15 to $30, depending on the product you decide to purchase.

Keep reading for more details!

Open PODs vs. Closed PODs

PODs systems can be either closed or open. The difference between these two is really simple, though.

Open PODs are very similar to vape pens or mods in terms of filling the e-liquid of your choice, choosing your juice's PG/VG ratio and more.

On the other hand, we have closed PODs which basically work like disposable cartomizers that you throw away after you are done. A closed system comes loaded with e-liquid, so, as you can imagine, the choice regarding flavors is, more or less, limited.

Pros of Ultra-Portable POD Vape Systems

Of course, there are many advantages which go hand in hand with a POD vape system--especially if you are a newbie. In this section, we are going to take a look at the most important ones.

As might be expected, the final decision depends exclusively on you and the features you are looking for in an e-cig.

1. High Nicotine

When you are starting out with vaping, you need as much nicotine as possible. It sounds weird, but, if you think about it, it makes sense. A smoker who wants to quit needs a big push (like specific flavors and high nicotine) to get them off the hook and draw their attention.

Yes, believe it or not, there are many vapers out there who love high nicotine levels when they are vaping (and especially when they are sub-ohming).

Luckily, ultra-portable devices can provide that. "How?" you ask? By using nicotine salts.

Nicotine salts are one of the hottest vaping trends at the moment. It is a new, groundbreaking nicotine delivery method that allows for higher concentrations of nicotine without annoying throat hits and side-effects that high-nicotine vaping usually comes with.

So, with nicotine salts and a POD vape system, a vaper can enjoy higher concentrations of nicotine without any unpleasant experience.

2. Goodbye Leaking

Don't get us wrong. We know that getting a leaking tank is not an everyday situation and that it depends on the quality of your device. However, it happens, and as time goes on, it happens more and more often.

POD vape systems are pre-built and they, most of the times, use disposable cartridges that never leak. We know that this could be a silly reason to get a POD vape system, but you would be really surprised if you knew the number of vapers who deal with this leaking problem every day.

3. More Convenience

Ultra-portable devices are, generally speaking, more convenient.

First of all, they are ...ultra-portable (due to their size) and, as we've already said, no e-liquid will ever leak into your pocket or purse.

Second, many models do not even require pressing a button when you want to take a puff and they are breath-activated.

It might sound ridiculous to you, but this button is a really important reason why smokers do not want to start vaping. It's not rocket science, for sure, but the fact that this button is missing gives a more authentic experience to someone who has just quit smoking.

Of course, there are many vape pens and cigarette-like vaping devices that come with the exact same function, but they do not guarantee the quality of a POD device.

4. Inexpensive and ...Ultra Portable

As you can imagine, since they are called "ultra-portable" these systems are compact and great to carry around or even travel with. They are also discreet and they can fit in a pocket or a small purse, so you don't have to worry about where to put them.

Their size, along with other factors, makes them one of the most inexpensive solutions for vapers. Both pre-filled and re-fillable POD systems are usually not costly. However, you need to keep in mind that prices may vary.

Cons of Ultra-Portable POD Vape Systems

You did not imagine that an innovative approach like this would come with no drawbacks. That's why we've put together this section so you get to know about the cons of using a POD vape system.

However, you might want to look into the matter a little bit further before you make your final decision! But, anyway, here you are:

1. Limited Selection of Flavors

One of the coolest things that come with vaping is that you have the chance to choose any flavor you want. The market is so huge that there is, literally, an e-liquid for almost every single flavor someone could possibly imagine. What is even better is that this marketplace of flavors just keeps growing with new manufacturers and brands coming out almost every day.

Well, with POD systems, this is not exactly the case.

Ultra-portable devices have a unique, sophisticated design that requires the use of specific cartridges. So, the flavors are created by the same company that manufactures the POD systems, and they are limited to what they offer.

We know this is bad news but we are sure that this problem someday will belong to the past. We just don't know when, though.

2. Low Battery Life

Of course, as you can imagine, POD systems have a significantly smaller battery life compared to the big mods and vape pens that can go for 10 to 12 hours straight.

As a matter of fact, an average ultra-portable POD vape system will last about three hours maximum when using it mildly on a full charge.

This might not be a huge problem for people who use their POD system only as a portable vaporizer when they go out for a drink. However, if you want to use a POD system as your main vaping device, you need to use it sparingly.

3. Liquid Capacity

POD systems are smaller. So, obviously, a smaller vaporizer will carry less e-liquid. If you are over-vaping, an ultra-portable vape system might not be the best fit for you.

Keep in mind that the smallest POD device can carry less than 1mL of e-liquid while the largest can hit the 2mL mark.

4. Not Good for Hobbyists

Sooner or later, if someone has been vaping for quite some time and they are used to vape tanks, mods, big clouds and everything in between, PODs will never be enough.

In other words, POD systems are not going to work as a great solution for hobbyist vapers.

We know that this is an issue that we keep addressing in this article but it is important for you to know that ultra-portable systems are targeted to people that have either just started vaping or thinking about taking it slower.

What Does the Future Hold for POD Systems?

So, by now, you know all the basics about POD systems. As we can imagine, you want to know how much potential they have in the vaping community.

Well, to be completely honest, for cloud-chasers (either professional or in the making) and hobbyist vapers, PODs are not that advantageous. Both their design and their functionality are too simple, and upgrading is just not possible.

On the other hand, there are there are nearly 1 billion smokers in the world who could benefit from the simplicity POD vape systems come with. Asking a person, who is used to just lighting a cigarette, to take care of coils, cartridges, etc., is not that easy, so POD systems can work great for them.

So, to sum things up, we cannot say that mods and atomizers will lose any ground because of PODs since they are basically targeting totally different target groups.

Are They for You?

So, it is now time to ask yourself the big question: "Are POD vape systems the right choice for me?" However, there is not any short answer to this question because it all depends on what you want from vaping.

Why You Should Not Consider Getting a POD System

First of all, if you are already happy with your mod or vape pen, there is no obvious reason why you should bother and switch to an option that might not suit you.

Second, if you are one of those sophisticated vapers who is constantly looking to test new releases and product categories, you may want to give it a try. But, usually, sophistication equals high demands. And PODs might not meet them.

So, if you need more than an alternative to analog cigarettes, we would suggest that you should not even bother. On the other hand...

Why You Should Consider Getting a POD System

Long story short, ultra-portable vape systems are great if you are just looking for a simple way to start vaping. POD systems are easy to use and they require almost zero vaping education.

At the same time, they are more discreet, easier to carry around, and as satisfying as bigger devices in terms of throat hit, nicotine levels, and overall experience.

So, the bottom line is that ultra-portable POD systems are not even close to being a threat to box-mods and other vaping devices. Nevertheless, they are here to fill a market gap and satisfy a specific type of vapers whose needs were not met.

Final Thoughts

Yes, there is definitely an audience for POD vape systems, but, as we stated many times in this article, it is not going to benefit every single vaper out there.

However, the only way to figure out whether they will do good for you or not is to give them a chance.

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