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VG vs PG: What's the Difference?

VG vs PG: What's the Difference?

Is this your first time buying vape juice? Are you confused by the numbers and labels e-liquids carry?

One of the most common numbers you'll see refers to the VG vs PG content. An important beginners tip is to understand what these numbers mean because they can radically affect your vaping experience.

Not sure what VG or PG mean? Uncertain how they can alter your experience?

It can get a little confusing at first. The numbers might seem random at first glance. However, the ratio can alter the type of flavors you can buy or how much vapor you create with each puff.

To help you understand, here is an in-depth explanation of VG and PG and what they can do to affect the flavor, vapor thickness, and smoking sensation of your vape juice.

VG vs PG: A Basic Understanding

Every time you buy a new bottle of e-liquid, you'll notice a split number on the label. This number could be 50/50, 60/40, or 70/30. This is the PG VG ratio.

Usually the first number refers to the VG amount and the second number refers to the PG amount in the mixture. The three ratios above are the most common. It's rare to find an 80/20 ratio.

It's important to note that this is ratio setting is not set in stone. Most e-liquid vendors put VG first before PG but there you will encounter some who do it the other way around. Make it a point to always check first how they arrange their PG and VG numbers to ensure you don't get the opposite of what you intended to vape.

Can you find vape juice that's 100% VG or PG? Yes, it is possible, but these are also rare. Sometime you will see Max VG which means that the manufacturer has put in as much VG as they can and still be able to make the mixture. You should know, having no VG or no PG could vastly alter your vaping experience and may not suit your goals.

What is Vegetable Glycerin?

Vegetable glycerin comes from plant oils, which makes it ideal for vegetarians. It's a colorless and odorless liquid with a slightly sweet taste, which might alter the flavoring of the e-liquid. It's also great for your hair and skin.

VG has the ability to help retain moisture. For this reason, it has many applications as a solvent in various industries. It has many uses in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and even baked goods.

You'll also find it as an ingredient in pet foods and dental products like toothpaste. Its sweetness makes it viable as a sugar replacement as well.

However, this does mean your flavor choices get limited.

Most VG-heavy e-liquids are too sweet and they work around this by adding fruity or candy flavors. If you love sweet flavors then this shouldn't pose as a problem at all. Some e-liquid brands add a bit of milk flavoring to balance the sweetness out.

Another great quality of VG is that it makes an enormous amount of cloud vapor. If you're hoping to cloud chase or do other vapor tricks, you'll need a higher VG concentration. This is why most people who do vapor tricks look for a VG/PG ration of 70/30 or higher.

Purpose of VG in E-Liquids

When should you go for a stronger VG concentration in your e-liquids? When should you look for a 70/30 ratio?

Many experts state that more VG is better for beginners. There's less of a throat kick, meaning there's less throat irritation.

This is great for people who want to distance themselves from traditional smoking. Traditional tobacco cigarettes have a strong throat kick, meaning the throat can feel the burn with each puff. If you want to avoid that kind of strong, painful feeling then a high VG ratio is exactly what you need.

Also, if you want to avoid bitter flavors or anything traditional, like tobacco flavors, then more VG is what you want. As noted above, VG vape juice has a natural sweetness to it. If you want vape juice that carries a sweet, citrusy taste then look for a higher VG ratio.

Some of the VG juice flavors you can look forward to includes mango, banana, raspberry, strawberry, and even milk tea. If you want a little bit of balance then look for high VG juices that contain a mixture of milk flavoring.

As mentioned, more VG is important to create thick vapor clouds. Cloud chasing enthusiasts focus on this more than the sensation of smoking. For more vapor, look for VG e-liquid with a 80/20 ratio.

Of course, the amount of vapor you also depends on your vape kit or vape pen. Always make sure to know your equipment and see if it works well with the vape juice you buy.

What is Propylene Glycol?

Propylene glycol is a petroleum byproduct. This synthetic liquid substance absorbs water, and it's tasteless, colorless, and odorless. It's also safe and non-toxic, so there's no health hazard to worry about.

PG is a humectant like VG, meaning it helps keep things moist. It's also a preservative and solvent, which make this oily liquid a great substance for various applications. Like vegetable glycerin, it has many uses in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and pet food.

In regards to vaping, PG provides a strong throat kick. As mentioned above, not everyone wants that kind of sensation but those who want something that simulates the feeling they get from a traditional tobacco cigarette, PG is what they need. It delivers that burn or kick in the back of the throat that feels like a real cigarette but you can now enjoy it without harmful cigarette chemicals.

PG is also tasteless in its natural state. This means there's less sweetness compared to VG. This makes it ideal for concocting amazing flavors.

You can use PG to create coffee flavors and strong tobacco flavors. If you want more nicotine in your e-liquid, then this is the component you should look for.

Purpose of PG in E-Liquids

Why get vape juice with more PG in it? First, take into account that it has that strong throat kick. People hoping to vape as a means to quit tobacco smoking can use higher PG ratios because it lets them simulate smoking without harmful compounds.

Because PG is tasteless, you can get more creative with flavors. There isn't the sweetness that VG battles on a regular basis. If you want strong tobacco flavors or nicotine in your e-liquids, then go for one with a higher PG ratio.

Other PG-heavy e-liquids can sport exotic flavors like espresso, coconut, and southern tobacco.

PG also allows you to have some nicotine in your e-liquid. If you want more genuine nicotine in your vaping experience, then look for those with a higher PG ratio. If you want less nicotine, then go for those with a weaker PG ratio.

The one downside of more PG is that it doesn't create much vapor. If you're into cloud chasing, then this won't do much for you. The real focus of PG is providing an authentic throat kick and stronger flavor, not much in terms of vapor tricks.

What to Buy?

If it's your first time purchasing e-liquid, take the following VG vs PG comparison into consideration:

VG is crucial if you're fine with sweet flavors. You can expect a lot of fruit and candy flavors when you buy e-liquids with a stronger VG ratio. The big benefit of this ratio is that you get more vapor, creating opportunities to perform vapor tricks and cloud chasing.

PG on the other hand, is crucial if you want a strong throat kick and more flavors. If you're looking for vape juices that can simulate tobacco smoking, then PG is what you want. However, PG doesn't provide much vapor so it's solely there to emulate the sensation of traditional smoking.

What kind of ratios to get? For beginners coming off traditional smoking, a VG/PG ratio of 60/40 is the ideal choice. You get a little more PG than the 70/30 ratio, ensuring there's a strong flavor and enough throat kick for the experience to feel "real." At the same time, you get enough VG to get vapor with each puff.

You can then adjust your ratio from there. If you're fine with sweet flavors and you want more vapor, increase your VG ratio. If you're looking for more flavor and a kick, increase your PG ratio.

For experts, they can go one step further to the 80/20 ratios. You could also go for Max VG but these are rare finds and are for vaping enthusiasts who really know what kind of vaping experience they want.

VG vs PG: The Verdict

Understanding your VG and PG ratio is crucial in getting the optimal vaping experience. Don't be afraid to test your VG/PG ratio to get it right and find what delivers what you want.

Too often, we see people giving up on vaping because their first experience was not as enjoyable as they thought. The most likely reason is that they're not using the right set-up or the right e-juice for them.

Keep in mind that it might take a while before you get the vape experience you want. Just don't give up! Keep experimenting with different vape pens/devices, vape juice and VG/PG ratios and eventually you will find the right set-up that's right for you.

For a wide selection of e-liquids with various flavors, nicotine content, and different base ratios visit our store now. We also have a nice selection of vape kits and other accessories to amplify your vape experience. Contact us today if you need more help!

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