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Vaping vs Smoking: Which is Sexier?

Vaping vs Smoking: Which is Sexier?

For many decades, smoking has gotten viewed as sexy and seductive. This is perhaps due to the way the mouth is used when smoking, or the suggestiveness of putting something in one's mouth.

Over the years, vaping has replaced smoking as a healthier alternative for those who feel the need to smoke, but can't quit the habit. Vaping vs smoking is a battle that's slowly winning when it comes to which one is sexier.

If you've thought about quitting, but wonder how vaping stacks up against smoking, let's look at the basics. Get a better understanding of how vaping affects your body and why this is a choice alternative for many people.

When you're through, you'll realize why vaping is the preferred method. Learn more and start making the switch today.

You'll Discover Fresh Breath With Vaping vs Smoking

Fresh breath is something everyone strives for. If you're a smoker, that's pretty hard to achieve.

Think about how often you need a cigarette. Three, four, five times a day or more?

Do you brush your teeth that often? Chances are you don't or can't because you don't have the chance to after having a cigarette.

That means you're walking around with smokey smelling breath that's not kissable or enjoyable to be around. You don't always notice the smoke smell, but rest assured your partner and other people do.

One of the benefits of vaping is that there is no smoke. You aren't burning something that's rolled in paper, making it cleaner to use.

Vaping involves using juice instead of the tobacco plant, which means you get to control what the smell is. Many vape juices consist of fruits like strawberries or melons, but there's a variety of other flavors with smells that are clean and fresh, not smokey.

If you're worried about how your breath comes off, consider making the change today, and give vaping a try. You'll get fresh breath that's not offensive after you've just taken a puff, and can stick to a regular dental schedule for cleaning your teeth.

Your Partner Can Cuddle Up Close and Not Worry About Smoke Smell

Smoking can provide people with a sense of relief, but it also offers a lingering smell that sticks around and is hard to get rid of. We just mentioned how this affects your breath, but think about other areas of your life such as:

  • Your clothing
  • Your house
  • Your car
  • Your furniture and belongings

If you're considering making the switch from smoking to vaping, there's still hope for cleaning up the smell. You can clean, paint over, and remove smoke smell from your home.

As you gradually phase out the smell, your house feels like new, as though you never smoked in there. You won't need to worry about others noticing the smell on your clothing or when they come over to visit.

Your partner can enjoy coming over and cuddling up close to you, without feeling as though they need a shower later. Vaping is a sexier alternative than smoking and allows your partner to feel closer without worrying about how it can affect them.

For those that have friends, family members, and partners who have allergies or other problems related to smoke, vaping is a great alternative. Start today, and see how much sexier you feel when someone isn't concerned about the smell that's associated with cigarettes.

Your Teeth Look Whiter with Less Work

If you're still not sure about the health benefits of vaping vs smoking, consider how your teeth look after you've had a cigarette. Over a short amount of time, you'll discover they become dingy and discolored.

If you decide to switch over to vaping, you have the option to purchase your vape juice with different levels of nicotine or no nicotine at all. In addition, vape juice does not contain any tar which is one of the major substances that causes your teeth to stain.

Although you're still producing a cloud, it's not the same kind as a burning cigarette. Cigarettes involve burning paper and tobacco, which leaves heavier stains on your teeth.

Of course, you'll still need to take care of your teeth to ensure they stay white, since anything from coffee to wine can stain. But you'll have a much easier time doing so once you stop smoking cigarettes for good.

If you were a smoker, it's likely you had to use many different routines to keep your smile bright. Now that you've taken the necessary steps to reduce your nicotine levels, cutting back on how many whitening treatments you're using means you have less work and still get to keep a beautiful white smile.

Avoid the problems associated with cigarettes, and you'll have a sexy smile free of stains. You'll enjoy looking in the mirror and knowing there's nothing holding you back from a big, toothy grin.

Your Body Can Perform at Its Peak When You Cut Out Smoking

If working out, being physically fit, and taking care of your body makes a huge impact on your life, you know how using cigarettes can affect this. Smoking leaves you out of breath and makes you more susceptible to getting sick.

Quitting smoking is a great thing to do if you want to improve your physical stamina. Many people find it hard to do at first, since they're prone to coughing, feeling cranky, and have other issues associated with kicking a habit.

If you switch to vaping, you'll have the chance to take care of the psychological need of enjoying a cigarette, but without the health risks.

Kicking cigarettes means you can:

  • Run longer
  • Have greater endurance
  • Get a fit body as a result of feeling equipped to work out

If you still aren't sure about the health benefits of vaping vs smoking, think about how clear your mind can feel. You won't think about that next smoke or when you can have another smoke break.

Instead, you'll get the chance to pour yourself into work, learning a new skill, spending time with your family, and developing yourself into the person you want to become. That's a far greater reward than constantly needing to take a puff every few hours.

Consider too, how smoking can affect your health later on. You might get diagnosed with cancer, diabetes, or a variety of other diseases that smoking can worsen.

For some people, continuing to smoke while they're sick is a death sentence, and can lead them to an early grave. With other options on the market, there's no reason to continue smoking and give up your looks and zest for life.

Vaping is Accepted in Public More Than Smoking

Vaping is sexier than smoking cigarettes for a variety of reasons. The fact that you have the chance to do it in public and not worry about breaking any laws is one reason to give it a chance, and stop using cigarettes.

Although it's important to check local codes, many places accept vaping if not in, then around the areas. That means you can vape outside a sidewalk cafe, and not worry about breaking any rules, depending on where you live.

In contrast, smoking cigarettes indoors is illegal everywhere. If you need to get a fix with your vape, it's not hard to run outside for a quick puff, unlike with cigarettes, which take longer to finish.

If you're just starting out vaping and aren't sure what to use, your options include both vape pens, which are lighter and smaller, and vape starter kits, giving you ways to customize how you smoke. This makes it easier to find out how much you like vaping and what type of vape fits your needs the most in public.

Begin the switch today, and you'll feel sexier when you're categorized as just another vaper and not someone who has a dirty smoking habit.

You Can Perform Better Smoke Tricks When Vaping

Blowing rings of smoke can seem sexy to some people, although most people get turned off by the smell of cigarette smoke. However, when you blow rings of vapor, you get a think cloud of vapor not small cloud of smoke like traditional cigarettes provide.

Many vapers participate in contests where they do vape tricks. This includes blowing rings, vapor bubbles, and other tricks that they learn when first experimenting with their vape.

If you want to impress someone with your tricks, use a high wattage vape device instead of a cigarette. Like anything, this takes time and practice, but once you've mastered the skill, you can wow your date or partner with a variety of different tricks that you'd never get to use with cigarettes.

If you've just started taking up vaping, you'll find it easier if you learn a few beginner tips first. Check out 9 vaping tips for beginners, and see how you can start vaping like a pro in no time.

You'll Discover More Money in Your Bank Account

When you smoke, you know it's easier to spend money quickly on cigarettes. From cartons to a pack every time you're out, the money goes quickly when you have a smoking habit.

Although you'll still spend money on vaping, you'll find it costs much less. There's just a one time cost of purchasing a vape pen or vape starter kit which should last you a couple of years. You're also going to need to purchase some vape juice as well. A bottle of vape juice costs less and lasts much longer that buying a pack of cigarettes.

By taking care of your vape and keeping it clean, you can extend the lifespan by months or years. As a general rule, vape starter kits tend to last longer than vape pens.

If you're not sure if vaping is right for you, consider trying a vape pen first, and see how you like the results. If you're happy with what vaping offers, you can make the upgrade to a vape mod or vape starter kit and still use your vape pen once and awhile.

Unlike smoking, if something happens and you need to put out a cigarette quickly, that's money down the drain. Vaping, in contrast, is usually a quick puff or two, and you go about your day like normal.

Vaping's healthier too, which means you're not as likely to get sick or spend money on doctor's appointments the way you would if you continued to smoke. You won't miss as many days from work because you came down with a sore throat, aggravated by your need to have a cigarette, thus taking a long time for you to recover.

If you're contemplating which method is sexier, know that when you're spending less money on your habit as you can with vaping, there's more money in your bank account to go around. That means you can treat your date to a good time, and experience a fun night together, rather than making sure you have enough money left to buy a pack later on.

When you're ready to give it a shot, check out a vape starter kit, and get a feel for what it's like to become a vaper.

Discover More Benefits to Vaping

If you're ready to start vaping, there are many benefits that you'll enjoy, such as more money, better health, and less upkeep maintaining the way you look. This alone can make you feel sexier and empowered, as you choose vaping vs smoking.

Become a sexier version of yourself and you'll find your partner likes it too. It's easier to kiss and cuddle with someone who takes care of themselves and doesn't smell like smoke, thanks to the lifestyle change in vaping.

If you're already an experienced vaper or want to know more about maintaining your vape, we're here to help. Check out our blog on taking care of your Sub-Ohm coil, and see how this can save you money.

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