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Vaping to Lose Weight: Myth or Weight Loss Secret?

Vaping to Lose Weight: Myth or Weight Loss Secret?

Did you know about 23.1% of the adult population of the United States is physically inactive? It's a leading cause of obesity in the country. As such, a lot of people are always on the lookout for weight loss treatments and other routines that can help them burn the unwanted fat in the easiest, least strenuous way.

Some people turn to vaping to lose weight. Non-vapers look for beginner tips to get started, hoping they will lose pounds without exercising. But no matter how you look at it, this sounds too good to be true.

That's why the answer to the question "Does vaping help you lose weight?" is not that simple. The straight answer is that it won't burn fat but it can contribute to some results.

Here's a look at how this works:

Vaping is Better than Smoking But Not a Solution to Weight Loss

A lot of studies point out that a lot of smokers find that quitting makes them gain weight. After all, the common belief is that smoking helped with controlling your weight. But when it comes to solving your weight problem, vaping doesn't really help.

The reason why people gain weight after quitting smoking was long thought to be due to the fact that nicotine's metabolic stimulation effect wore out. There is evidence that people who quit can gain as little as five pounds to as much as fifty pounds within the first few months of quitting.

However, the real reason behind the weight gain is because of a substitution effect.

Instead of getting cigarettes to satisfy the urge, they eat snacks. When stressed, these people turned to food instead of cigarettes to relieve themselves.

Even if you smoke or vape, as long as you develop an eating disorder, you'll still gain weight. The habits you develop and strengthen over time determine whether you overeat or not. Unless you learn how to overcome the eating addiction, no amount of vaping or smoking can prevent obesity.

Why Do People Believe Vaping Helps Lose Weight?

A lot of people research the effects of vaping on weight loss. However, most of the proof people gathered are from anecdotal experiences. Basically, people who already tried to quit smoking before and experienced weight gain didn't experience it when they tried using vapes as a substitute to smoking.

These anecdotal pieces of evidence often point out that vaping helped them stop snacking. While that might lead to some weight loss, doing so without the use of exercises and other fitness training will rarely result in anything good or long-lasting. Again, the weight control benefit of vaping only lies in the fact that instead of eating snacks, you vape.

What are the Real Benefits of Vaping?

The idea of deciding to eat less and maintain it through sheer willpower is false to most people. Vaping is something you do for recreation, not to lose weight. If you have eating disorders, you need to make changes in yourself through the use of psychotherapy.

So what are the real benefits of vaping? It's simple: vaping is much better than smoking and can help you quit. Aside from that, here are some advantages you get by vaping:

Lower Health Risk

This is the most obvious yet the most important advantage of vaping over smoking. It's also why vaping and weight loss come hand-in-hand for some. It's not only a means to lose weight but also a solution to quit smoking.

People who crave nicotine or the act of smoking will find it less risky when they're using vapes instead. After all, smoking increases the risk of cancer, a fact proven by science over time.

The risk of developing incurable diseases is the same for both regular and chain smokers. The carcinogens primarily come from the chemical reaction when the tobacco burns. Vaping doesn't have the same effect simply because it doesn't produce the same carcinogens when you make a puff.

Less Addictive and Helps Quit Smoking

Nicotine is the main reason smokers have a harder time quitting. Its degree of addiction is really high and there's no way to get rid of it on traditional cigarettes. However, when it comes to vapes, some liquids don't contain nicotine, making it non-addictive.

Vaping is a good first step to start the path of quitting the smoking habit. There's a lot of evidence out there that indicates both regular and chain smokers quitting as early as three months after starting to vape. It's a great tool to stop the act of smoking in its entirety.

Less Harmful to People and the Environment

Smoking can inflict secondhand smoke to the people around him. This increases their chances of developing heart disorders or even cancer. In contrast, vaping is a much safer option if you get the urge while in public.

After all, the vaping fumes are either odorless or have a pleasant aroma. Also, the act of smoking and the litter you produce after doing it harms the environment and make the scenery look bad. A lot of fires start because of reckless cigarette butt disposal each year.

In addition, tobacco smoke contributes to the greenhouse effect and the pollution of the atmosphere. Vaping doesn't carry the same type of risk to both the people around you and the environment.

Learn About Vaping to Lose Weight Today

There is a possibility of vaping to lose weight that can lead to real results.

However, you can't substitute a good diet and exercise with mere vaping. You have to add vaping to your regular workout routine to lose a good amount of weight. Doing so will ensure you lose weight in a safe and healthy manner.

Relying on vaping and smoking to lose weight only makes you substitute one problem for another. If you're suffering from an eating disorder, seek psychological therapy.

This can help you overcome overeating without relying on crutches that don't provide long-lasting effects. Vaping should then come in as a means of support.

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