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Vaping Beginner's Guide: How to Find the Best Vape Starter Kit

Vaping Beginner's Guide: How to Find the Best Vape Starter Kit

Smoking is a simple thing. You run to the store, buy a pack of cigs and a lighter, pull one out, and smoke it.

The thing about those simple little cigarettes is that they cause a whole lot of complicated health problems. They are not good for you. They are not, in fact, simple.

The appearance of simplicity in smoking may be why people are so put-off by the idea that vaping is complicated. There are so many parts to buy, juices to understand, and other technical things that would probably go over everyone's head.

Fortunately, vaping is not as complicated as it seems, and, it doesn't come packed with all of those pesky health complications. If you're interested in starting to vape, read on to figure out how to compile the best vape starter kit.

How to Compile the Best Vape Starter Kit

One of the reasons that vapes seem so complicated to those who don't use them is the fact that there are a number of different kinds of vaping devices. People use a lot of lingo that refers to different devices while you are thinking that they are all talking about the same thing.

Here's a little overview on the different kinds of vapes on the market.

1. Cig-A-Like Pens

These are e-cigarettes that look just like actual cigarettes. These devices are typically a person's first introduction to vaping, and can usually be found wherever cigarettes are sold. Some of them are simple, allowing themselves to be used until they run out at which point they must be thrown away.

Others are more complex, coming with a rechargeable battery that connects to a cartomizer that contains the nicotine. These devices are typically auto-drawing, which means that they let out vapor when pulled upon. There's no button to push, no maneuvers to make, you just pull as you would a cigarette.

2. Vape Pens

These pens are similar to the Cig-A-Like pens in that they are simple, pen-shaped devices that provide vapor. These are a development of our the e-cigarette, and provide a more user-friendly experience for those who have them.

The vape pen is more complicated than the e-cig, though, and it would be useful to go over its parts. The device is composed of a battery, a power button, a coil and wick, and a tip. There is also a vape chip that monitors the device to keep it from overheating by preventing the user from pulling for too long.

Newer models also possess something called a Clearomizer. This is an upgrade that allows one to see the amount of liquid in the vape pen. They're also useful in the sense that they use the e-liquid more efficiently.

3. Mods

Mods are the most complex vaping device, and they come in a number of different forms. These are the things that people talk about, leaving you feeling like vaping is an Olympic sport. It's not too difficult to understand, though, because all you need to know is a few basic things.

These devices allow for a lot of personalization and tuning. For example, you can adjust any number of flavors, the heat, the power levels, and more. All mods use coils categorized as "sub-ohm." This means that the coil uses less than 1 ohm in its resistance.

This device allows the mod to produce a higher wattage and give the user the option for higher vapor volume. There are two primary kinds of mods; regulated and unregulated. The main difference is that regulated mods have a mechanism in place to prevent the rig from overheating while unregulated mods do not.

So, How do I Start My Kit?

E-cigarettes and vape pens are relatively simple in the sense that they don't have many parts, usually come fully equipped, and are intuitive to use. For that reason, we'll focus our efforts on compiling a mod-kit.

Any starter kit usually contains five parts. Those parts are the battery, box mod, atomizer, the coil, the wick.

The Battery

The battery supplies power to your kit. It determines the length of time that you can experience a full charge, as well as how much resistance your kit can handle when used. That essentially refers to the ability your kit has to handle the use that you're putting it through.

A lot of mods have a battery built in, but in most cases, the battery exists separate from the rig. It's useful to buy the battery separately just in case it dies, or your mod experiences malfunctions. That way you can simply swap out one piece of the kit and it continues working.

If you're going to put more money into one aspect of your vape, the battery would be a wise choice. Many vaping accidents occur from a malfunction in the battery. This is because it has the most potential to overheat and cause complications in the rig.

The Mod

The mod is essentially the brain of your vape kit and dictates the specifications of the functions that you use. It is also the largest, and likely most expensive thing that you should buy in your kit.

There's a lot of variety in vape mods, and they are where you should do the most research when trying to find the right one for you. If you're buying a mod with battery included, you should first think about whether you want to buy a series or parallel battery pack.

Series connected batteries are arranged in a way that output twice as much energy and last as long as a single battery. Resistance is also higher with this option. The other option is a parallel battery makeup.

This is a better option if you're looking to casually pull for longer periods of time because it allows for a longer battery duration but less power output.

Another specification that you can make among mods is whether it is a 510 or Hybrid. 510 mods use a rod to connect from the battery to the atomizer, where the hybrid is directly connected.

The hybrid loses less voltage in the transfer of energy from the battery to the atomizer, but it allows for more technical malfunction.

The Atomizer

The atomizer also comes in a variety of styles. Most are 22-25mm in diameter and are the part of the vape that transforms the juice into vapor. In many cases, the atomizer and the coil are part of the same unit, and this can get very confusing.

When the battery is activated, it begins to heat the coils which heat the liquid inside the atomizer. The liquid is then transferred into vapor. There are a number of different atomizers on the market that you can choose from.

There are a few main styles that one can choose from, and it's useful to understand them to make an informed decision on which kind to buy. The first is the disposable atomizer. This is the style that is recommended when you're just starting to vape.

Usually contained in vape starter kits, these are the least expensive and easily accessible option. If you plan to get more involved with vaping and rigs, it's wise to make an investment in nondisposable atomizers because disposable ones get costly over time.

Replaceable coil head atomizers are the most popular pieces among vape users. They cost more than disposable ones, but they have a number of options that can benefit the user. Additionally, you have the option of cleaning and switching liquids with these atomizers.

For the more experienced user, rebuildable atomizers allow for an extremely personalized user experience. While these do take a lot of vape-expertise, you do have the option of customizing your sizes, materials, patterns, and efficiency if you have the mind for it.

Finding Vape Kits

There are a lot of vape starter kits on the market, and they usually come equipped with everything you need. If you're interested in getting into mods and more specific vape components, it would be wise to start out buying a full vape kit.

They typically don't cost too much and come bearing the gift of an instruction manual. This way you have all of the components of the vape, understand how they work, and have a fully functioning mod ready to go when you buy it.

Once you dip your toes in the water with a starter kit, you can start branching out to the more technical and specialized modifications. Try finding a kit that allows you to mix and match different components as you want to. Most kits will allow for this, but some products are created only to accommodate to parts created by their brand.

Get started, figure out what you like, and find a kit that suits all of your needs!

Get Involved With Vape Culture

Having th best vape starter kit is only half the battle. You have to get engaged with other vape-users as well! Keep up to date on the latest in vape news, know which products are coming out and what they mean for vaping, and meet a lot of cool people in the process.

If you're looking to get more knowledge on vaping and vape products, we have all of the information that you need.

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