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Vape's Anatomy: Vape Parts Explained

Vape's Anatomy: Vape Parts Explained

You've heard a lot about vaping, and you've spotted people doing awesome tricks in your neighborhood.

You'd love to give it a try for yourself. But first, you want to understand how the different vape parts work.

This post is dedicated to breaking down the most important parts of a vape in plain English that is especially accessible to newer vapers.

If you want to learn more about vape mods, vape tanks, and even e-liquids and different kinds of batteries, then you need to keep on reading.

You'll be an expert by the end of this article -- and will be ready to try out vaping for yourself.

The Battery of the Vaping Device

Let's begin by discussing one of the most accessible parts of a vape -- the battery itself.

This is what determines how long your vaporizer will be able to run. In some cases, like if you have a box-style mod, the battery will be rechargeable.

Believe it or not, you can even use a simple USB key to recharge your battery! So, in addition to batteries, some vape devices can be recharged by simply plugging them into the wall. In other cases, you'll need to replace your external battery over time.

But if you're going with a vape pen (a great choice for beginners) then it's likely that, once that battery goes, you'll just toss out your entire device.

So, what's in the vape pen batteries?

In most cases, they're lithium-ion ones. First of all, this type of battery is awesome when it comes to keeping costs down. But they're also incredibly easy to recharge, and last for a long time.

The battery is what actually helps to heat up your vape juice or your herb.

Automatic vs. Manual Batteries

You'll be able to choose between two different types of batteries -- either manual or automatic.

If you're working with an automatic battery, the e-cig will automatically start up once you take a pull on your vaping device.

This is, quite obviously, a great choice for beginners. And, since an automatic battery mimics the feel of a cigarette, it's also popular among those using vaping to quit smoking.

Automatic batteries also conserve the overall lifespan of the battery, so you won't need to charge it as often.

However, remember that you'll sometimes need to warm up your device by taking in a few quick pulls if you choose a mod with an automatic battery. Additionally, some automatic batteries will shut off after about 6-7 seconds, so you may be able to take fewer drags.

Additionally, automatic batteries aren't sealed, so you need to be careful and follow all instructions to avoid any leaks or disasters.

Manual batteries require you to press down on a button on your vape pen to start up the device.

This is a great option for vapers who want to be able to more easily control their device, and they're much more popular among people who have become committed to the vaping lifestyle.

The good news about manual batteries?

They're a bit safer than automatic ones because they're sealed off. So, even if you add a bit too much liquid, you won't harm your vape mod -- or yourself!

You also won't need to prime a manual battery, so you'll be able to take more pulls in a minute.

However, they'll likely need to be refilled more often, and they can run down their batteries much faster than their automatic cousins.

The Cartomizer or Vape Tanks

Next up on our list of vape parts?

Let's talk about the tank, also was known as the cartomizer of your vaping device. You may even hear it referred to as the cartridge or pod, especially if you're interested in learning about ultra portable pod systems.

As the name implies, you'll store the e-juice flavor of your choice in the tank. Unless you're using a disposable option, your tank will be refillable. Its job is to store the e-juice before it becomes vaporized by the atomizer (more on that in a minute.)

There are tons of different kinds of tanks out there, and the more experienced you become, the greater the number of different mods that you can play around with.

Many experienced vapers love to try sub-ohm tanks, which helps you to get more flavor out of every pull. However, we recommend that newer vapers get their feet wet with smaller, basic tanks.

The Atomizer of the Vaping Device

Of course, vaping wouldn't be possible at all without the atomizer, which is the vape part that actually turns your e-juice into vapor.

The atomizer of a vape pen actually connects directly to the battery itself, which is why it's so important to take care not to overheat your vaping device.

Basically, every atomizer also has a small coil inside of it that helps to turn the e-juice into the vapor that creates those awesome clouds!

In general, you should expect your atomizer to be somewhere between 23-25mm wide. Though larger models are available, we don't recommend that you try them unless you've been vaping for a while.

If you're looking for bigger clouds, but don't prioritize flavor as much, then we suggest that you go with an atomizer that has larger airflow holes. However, if you select an atomizer that has smaller holes, you'll get a serious hit of flavor, but pretty average-sized clouds.

In the end, it's all about your preference.

Additionally, you might notice that some of the atomizers you're checking out online have what are called organic cotton coils, or OCCs for short. These coils can be thrown away and replaced, allowing you to customize the kind of coil you're vaping with.

Keep in mind that there are a wide variety of different coil types out there. In general, we suggest starting with the "Big Five" coil materials. That means stainless steel, nickel, titanium, kanthal, and nichrome.

If you want wires that specifically help you to get bigger clouds, ask your local or online vape shop what they can recommend for you to try.

The Wick of the Coil

Another one of the essential vape parts that you need to know about?

The "wick" of the coil itself. The wick is what actually works to soak up and absorb all of that e-juice, and there are lots of different wicking types that you can choose from.

Essentially, you'll end up choosing the type of wick that you prefer based on how often you want to add e-liquid to the device, and the amount of flavor that you're looking to get out of the experience.

Especially for beginners, we can't recommend cotton wicking material enough. First of all, it's certainly the easiest option to find, and it's also usually the most affordable.

Additionally, it helps to soak up tons of flavor, so you'll be able to get an awesome pull every single time.

As you become more experienced in the world of vaping, you can try things like stainless steel mesh or even silica wick.

Your Vape Juice

Last but not least, let's talk about what you actually add to those vape tanks.

That's the vape juice itself!

There are tons of flavors that you can choose from, and there are also more traditional menthol and tobacco flavors.

If you're trying vaping for the first time, it can be quite a shock to adjust to the number of flavors and the heavy, nice notes that you get with every pull!

Keep in mind that you can also manage the level of nicotine that's in your flavors. Some e-liquids come with very high amounts of nicotine (geared towards those trying to get off cigarettes) and others have lower amounts.

There are also nicotine additives that come in small droplets. These additives can usually be added to any kind of e-juice flavor that you have in mind.

You've Mastered the Vape Parts: What Now?

Now that you know a little bit more about vape parts, we know that you're eager to get started on your own vaping journey.

When you're ready to try out the perfect vape mod starter kit, we invite you to browse through some of our awesome products.

If you have any questions, you should always feel free to hit us up for answers.

Of course, in addition to our great pens and accessories, we're also committed to creating our own online vaping community.

Be sure to keep on checking back with our blog for more vaping news, advice, and everything in between.

Happy vaping!

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