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Vape Tank Leaks: 8 DIY Tips to Stop Your Tank from Leaking

Vape Tank Leaks: 8 DIY Tips to Stop Your Tank from Leaking

You've drenched your pockets in sticky and mildly toxic goo.

And you've just wasted a whole bunch of precious e-juice.

Once again, you've got a leaky tank on your hands. Not only will you have to clean it up, but you've got no more precious juice left to vape.


Although there's no way to avoid dreaded vape tank leaks completely, you can at least follow these eight pro tips to help mitigate the issue.

Choose Your Tank Wisely

Not all tanks are created equally. Indeed, some are leakier than others.

Look for a leak-proof vape tank instead.

Close That Intake Vent

When filling your tank, ensure the air intake vent is firmly closed and remains that way for a minute or two.

For extra vacuum sealing action, turn her upside before opening the vents.

Learn to Fill it up Properly

Take care not to accidentally drip juice down the chimney pipe as this is a surefire way to cause leakage. If you do get a bit in there by accident, just wipe it off with a paper towel.

Furthermore, avoid the temptation to overfill your tank. A little air bubble up top helps keep it nice and vacuum sealed.

Store Your Mod Upright

Lying your mod on its side can cause some models to gradually leak. A simple solution? Let it lay upright for the majority of the time. You might even invest in a vape tank stand to keep the habit in check.

Replace Your O Rings

Over time, your O rings will become worn and frayed. Take your tank apart and search for signs of wear and tear. If they do look a little worse for wear, put a new bunch in.

They only cost a few cents each.

Adjusts Your Seals

The threads of your tank are another common cause of vape leaking. Check that their not too tight nor too loose. Try tightening them just shy of the maximum possible amount for best effect.

Threads are also suspectable to wear and tear over a prolonged period. If damaged, you'll need to grab yourself a new tank.

Use the Right Viscosity

High-powered cloud-producing beasts require a higher level of VG to reduce leakage. If your mod is capable of busting out phat clouds, then you're better off going with 70% VG or above.

MTLs, on the other hand, are best up to 70% VG.

Give Your Tank a Nice Deep Clean

Each time you vape, a tiny amount of e-juice residue builds up in your tank which, if left untreated, will cause leakage further down the track.

Remove your tank and give it a thorough wash with warm and soapy water every once in a while.

Avoiding Vape Tank Leaks

Follow these eight simple tips, and you'll be well on your way to circumventing those pesky vape tank leaks.

Now that your tank is nice and airtight, check out Blazed Vapes for the latest hardware and vape juice deals.

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