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Vape Mods: Your Introduction to Vape Mods

Vape Mods: Your Introduction to Vape Mods

With vaping now reaching millions of people across the country, people are looking to take it to the next level.

This multi-million dollar industry is based on technical and scientific innovation, meaning that people are making modifications all the time. Understanding basic vape mods can help you get the most out of vaping.

Here are some of the basics of becoming a vaping expert.

Understanding Mods

A "mod" is a term used by vapers that used to describe a modified or enhanced vaping device. Now it refers to a vaping device that doesn't come with a tank.

If you're new to vaping, you need to get to know the basics.

As people started to move away from those more traditional older e-cigarettes, vape pens have become more popular. Vape pens offer smokers a lot of new possibilities and potential to customize their smoking experience. If you find that the standard e-cigarette doesn't work for you, a vaping device could be custom built and catered to your vaping or smoking needs.

As the original blueprints and templates for vaping devices changed, more people became comfortable with the possibilities offered by mods. While many people built their own mods in the early days, it's not a standard manufacturing term that's used by the companies that make vape pens.

There are a lot of fancy and advanced vaporizers on the market. They offer unique ways to vape, different ways to charge, and a wide variety of flavor profiles. Mods have allowed vapers to be able to change the temperature they vape at, the types of refills that they buy, and how much vapor they produce.

Mods might seem like they're a term created for insiders, but they've become relatively standardized and mainstream over time.

Mods Come in A Variety

Vape mods are a pretty impressive technological innovation. They don't rely on electrical power to vaporize, and because of that, they don't need to be plugged in and can travel with you wherever you go.

With a vape pen, a rechargeable battery is used to fire up the coil which then heats up the oils and creates the vapor. These coils can heat up at different temperatures depending on how your vape mod allows you to change the settings. Coil temperature is also dependent on the type of material used in your coil.

No matter the resistance of the coil you're using, you can end up with super strong flavor and a lot of vapor, thanks to the help of mods.

You could also vape with a squonk mod. These squatter devices are durable, portable, and come in a handy size that's great for holding a generously sized squonk bottle.

Mods come in all shapes and sizes, and by choosing your mod style, you'll end up with an ideal vaping experience. Understanding batteries, tanks, and coils is vital to getting the most out of your vape mods.

The Battery, In, and Out

Your battery is the essential component of your mod device. Without your battery, you won't be able to use your device at all.

Mod battery technology has advanced dramatically in the last few years. Where it was once a once size fits all situation, mod batteries can help you customize your vaping situation. The connection of the battery to the overall vaping system is what helps your vaping always give you the strength you're looking for.

Your battery is connected directly to your atomizer giving you an immediate connection for a strong vape. There's no wiring that steps in the middle, meaning you get power, heat, and vapor all in an instant.

There are safety precautions to be aware of. As with any device that has the potential to deliver a high dose of heat or vapor, it must be handled with care.

Most mods use rechargeable batteries. They typically rely on lithium-ion because of their power, durability, and the potential for long life. You'll find some variation between these batteries, however.

Not all batteries are created equal. While the ones you get from an electrical outlet catalog or a generic online retailer might work, they won't be the same as the ones sold by a large battery manufacturer. Those manufacturers tend to make batteries that are high-quality, very powerful and can last quite a long time.

Small mods that contain a built-in rechargeable battery are convenient. The ones that require a micro USB charger are quite versatile. You could recharge them with a computer, a phone charger, or most outlet adapters.

Get To Know Your Tank

Your e-liquid is the part of the vaping experience that creates vapor, gives you your flavor, and makes vaping enjoyable. Your tank is the reservoir where your e-liquid resides. One of the great things about vaping that you can't get with smoking is that you can jump from flavor to flavor on a whim.

Vape mods allow you to swap out tanks in a moment's notice. A rebuildable tank atomizer in mods means you could be smoking peppermint one minute and then enjoying a grape flavor a moment later. If you love the flavor potentials of vaping, RTAs are the way to go.

If you're dedicated to getting the most out of every flavor, you can use a different kind of mod. Some mods, like a rebuildable dripping atomizer, give you a completely different vaping experience. This style of vaping is for those who prefer flavor over everything.

They work by slowing dripping e-liquid onto the coils. This means you could be savoring the flavor longer. You'll be using more e-liquid per vape, but this could be what you're looking for.

As the e-liquid drips directly onto the coils, the wick becomes saturated. Once it reaches a level you're satisfied with, saturated at the ideal amount, you can fire it up and start vaping. You'll get a serious flavor, unlike anything you'd get with an RTA mod device.

Because vape mods are reasonably priced, you can switch out devices at your leisure. You won't have to worry too much about the price difference between smoking with an RTA and an RDA because the difference is negligible.

The Coil Is Key

While your e-liquid is what gives you the vapor that you like and without the battery, you'd have nothing; your coil is extremely important. Your coil does much of the essential work inside your mod.

There are different types of coils. Some people opt for a rebuildable coil that can be replaced whenever you feel like it. Others like to have a coil that weathers the changes.

As your rebuildable coil loses power, you'll have to swap it out. If you simply want a change in your vaping experience, you can ditch your rebuildable coil and swap in a new one. The coil really delivers the strength of your vape, which is what makes it so essential.

Many vapers prefer a coil that can handle a high temperature. If the coil can absorb the e-liquid well and run at a high temperature, that's when your mod will offer the best flavor and the best vapor. When you use rebuildable coils, you sometimes miss out on the best of your flavor because they can't handle being heated and cooled too many times.

Your coil's capabilities are limited by the kinds of metal that are used. Tungsten is a solid metal that bounces back and heats up quickly. Stainless steel is a favorite metal for many types of vaporizers on the market, beloved because of its cleanliness and heat retention.

Aesthetics Matter Too

When it comes to your vape experience, don't overlook the aesthetics of your vape device.

You want to be proud to carry around your mod and show it to your friends. If you feel like you don't like how your mod looks, even if it does everything you need it to, seek out another mod.

There are so many colors, shapes, sizes, and styles on the market that there's surely something that'll fit your style. You can buy a variety of different mods that can suit your mood based on the weather. You can even buy one to use in the car, one to leave at your desk, and another for your travel bag.

The more variety you give yourself, the more fun you'll have with your vape mods.

Understanding Vape Mods Makes Vaping Fun

After you get through understanding vape mods, you can move on to exploring the different kinds of vaping styles and clouds you can create with mods.

Getting into the theory of coils can be exciting and help you understand how to perfect your experience. The more you learn about metals and chemical reactions, the more you'll realize the best way to vape.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of mechanical mods, check out our guide to the latest developments.

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