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Vape Coil Replacement: How Often Should You Change Your Vape Coil

Vape Coil Replacement: How Often Should You Change Your Vape Coil

So, you're getting pretty savvy at this whole "vaping" thing. You've got the gear, the juices, you know what you're talking about, and.. wait. Why is your vapor starting to taste burnt and crumby?

You just paid top-dollar for the world's finest juices and your taste buds are turned off by what you're getting from your pen. Don't throw out your juices, don't get a new vape, and definitely don't lawyer up to sue the e-liquid company. None of those things is the problem.

All you need is a vape coil replacement.

A Guide to Vape Coil Replacements

The lifespan of your coil will depend heavily on how much you vape. It also depends on the kind of vaping you do. Things like temperature and voltage are all going to have an effect.

The nice thing about vapes, if you haven't heard, is that they're highly customizable. This means pieces can be swapped in and out of nearly any device. This goes for replacement parts as well.

So, just because your device is pumping out bad flavor doesn't mean you need to get a new one.

When to Replace Your Mod Coil

We're going to assume that you are a regular vaper. On average, the regular vaper goes through a coil every couple of weeks. Again, your lifespan could range from one to four weeks, depending on your vaping style.

You'll know when your coil needs to be changed when you start to feel a general change in the flavor of your vapor. You'll notice that the vapor is dry and burnt tasting when the coil begins to go.

How to Change the Coil

Try and stay ahead of your coil and change it before the taste gets too bad. If you're past that point already, you're probably not even enjoying any of the liquid. In any case, you will face a time when you have to change the coil.

The process is very easy and won't take you much time at all. Remove the battery from the tank and take the tank cap off. If you have the time, you should take a moment to clean all the components off because dirty parts can lead to damages.

Unscrew the coil that's currently on your vape and throw it away. Once you do this, take the tank and wipe off the excess oil. Now you just screw the new coil on and reassemble all of the pieces.

You do have to let the device sit upright for a few minutes to allow the wick to take in some of the liquid. Failing to do this could result in burning out the new coil immediately.

You'll Need to Get a Few Things

Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and buy new components for your vape rig. It's what we have to do to uphold quality flavor and high-functioning devices.

The cost is typically low, though, and the assembly of new pieces like vape coil replacements is always easy. If you're in need of any vaporizer components or vape juice, we've got you covered!

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