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Top 10 List of Worst Vape Flavors of All Time

Top 10 List of Worst Vape Flavors of All Time

More than eight in ten folks in the U.S. regard vaping much better and safer than tobacco. The brainy people in Atlanta (yep, we're talking about the CDC) support this. They've even gone so far as to say it may benefit adult smokers.

This, plus the fact there are hundreds of e-juice flavors to choose from, are most likely the reasons you made the switch to vaping (you made the right choice!).

As a newbie vape enthusiast though, there are things you should completely avoid. That includes wasting your money on some of the world's worst vape flavors.

Think putrid, as weird-tasting as they're odd-smelling, and downright vomit-inducing flavors. In any case, they're bad - real bad for you.

Don't worry though. You don't have to try them yourself. We did the testing so you wouldn't have to, and here's our top don't-ever-buy flavor picks!

1. Blue Cheese

Fast fact: Americans love cheese, with an average person eating about 35 pounds of it a year. But some would still skip blue cheese, likely because it houses literal mold cultures. Or that their olfactory senses tell them it's akin to dirty diapers.

Semi-weird fact: Despite most of us being cheese-lovers, some hate this dairy product. No, it's not because they're weird, but because that's what their brains tell them. So, no, they don't actually have weird preferences; it's more of how their gray matter works.

Out-of-this world fact: There's such a thing as blue cheese vape flavor. To many (even cheese fans), it's an absolute abomination.

2. Nacho Cheese

Amongst the most-eaten foods in the U.S. is nacho cheese. We eat so much of it that every 6th of November, we celebrate the National Nachos Day.

Then came the nacho cheese vape flavor. As if blue cheese wasn't enough, the makers of this vape juice flavor had to go and ruin nacho cheese's reputation. To be fair, it's a little "better" than the blue cheese one, but it's definitely not something worth shelling out money for.

3. Butter

For many of us, having butter with our breakfast pancakes or waffles is a great way to start the day. Until the butter vape flavor entered the picture.

Sure, it tastes like the actual thing. But the smell will make you feel like you're in a gym locker room, surrounded by sweaty folks and smelly socks. So, no, definitely not something you'd want first thing in the morning.

Steer clear from this vape flavor. Go for these great-for-mornings flavor options instead. We're pretty sure you'll love them even after waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

4. Bacon

There's no doubt about it: Americans are huge bacon-lovers. So much so that 23% of surveyed individuals wondered if their partner loves it more than them.

Quite funny right? It goes to show how much we love those cured pork belly strips.

So, when the bacon e-juice flavor came out, it made so many people go hog wild (haha). Imagine that, we could finally and literally inhale bacon.

But, alas, it didn't meet expectations. In fact, it turned excited people into, well, angry ones. Because it tastes like burnt rubber, like cancer itself.

5. Currywurst

They should have named this Curryworst, because it's seriously one of the worst. Some may say it's not as bad as the bacon one. But we can all agree it's one of the weirdest vape flavors.

Taking a hit of this is much like ingesting an entire meal. An entire meal comprised of only hot dogs. We're not saying hot dogs are bad, but you wouldn't want to inhale them, would you?

6. Roast Chicken

Don't try this unless you want all your good memories of Sunday roast dinners to disappear. It's disappointing, period.

7. Roast Beef

To be frank, the main reason we've included this is because there's no trace of any beef at all. But there's also the hint of chocolate and sweetness in it. That's enough for us to consider this as one of the weird vape flavors in the market.

8. Jagerbomb

What comes into mind when you think of licorice? Black licorice, to be more specific?

If you feel like vomiting or the idea of eating it is repulsive, then don't give the Jagerbomb e-juice a try. It's got licorice in it, plus the usual red bull reminiscent of the (updated) cocktail.

The taste of licorice is too strong, to the point of being sickly sweet. It tastes too much of the black vines that it completely masks the red bull.

9. Absinthe

If you've ever downed Absinthe and lived through it, it's possible you don't have memories of that night. That's because it's amongst the highest-proofs out there. But in case you're wondering if it's hallucinogenic, nope, it's not.

So, can you expect the Green Fairy to appear if you took a hit of the Absinthe-flavored juice? No. What's more likely is you seeing stars, what with its throat hits packing some serious punch.

If you want a drink, go get an actual drink. This juice won't satisfy; it'll only make you cough.

10. Pumpkin Spice

With our love of pumpkin spice, you'd think that a vape flavor mimicking it would be awesome, right? Nope, not at all.

Saying that pumpkin spice e-juice has an offensive or disgusting taste is a bit excessive. But what makes it one of the worst flavors is because it doesn't offer any hint of pumpkin spice at all. Nor does it have any distinct taste.

In short, it's bland and you'll be completely disappointed. That should be enough reason for you to not spend any dough on it.

Don't Let the Worst Vape Flavors Take the Joy of Vaping from You

There you have it; the world's worst vape flavors that should have never made it to the market in the first place. Unfortunately, they did, but at least now you know what they are.

So, save yourself from disappointment or repulsion. Try the best vape juice flavors instead. Also, if you want to stay updated with the latest vaping news, be sure to check out our blog!

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