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Top 10 E-Liquids for 2018

Top 10 E-Liquids for 2018

Vaping continues to rise in popularity as a safer substitute for smoking. It's helped smokers quit the habit and try something that carries less nicotine and other harmful chemicals. It's created new hobbies, especially for folks who love to do vapor tricks like cloud chasing.

But for a newcomer to vaping, it can get a little overwhelming. There are lots of flavors to try offered by different brands. Where do you even begin picking one to try out first?

We've got you covered. To help you choose, here's a look at 10 top e-liquids you should consider trying today:

1. Keep It 100

Not sure where to start or what brand to trust? You can't go wrong with Keep It 100. They offer a lot of sweet vape juices and for good reason - a vast majority of their e-liquids have a 30/70 PG/VG concentration.

This means they're sweet and they produce a lot of vapor. The former is a good treat for people sick and tired of bitter, tobacco flavors from traditional cigarettes. The latter is a great treat for people who want to practice vaping tricks, like elaborate cloud chasing.

Some of their more iconic flavors include Blue Slushie, Pink Burst, Mallow Man, and Strawberry Milk.

Blue Slushie mixes together strawberry and blue raspberries while Pink Burst is a combination of strawberry candy and creamy taffy. Mallow Man, another popular choice, blends the taste of chewy sugar cookies and marshmallows. Strawberry Milk, as its name implies, mixes a milky flavor with sweet, ripe strawberries.

Another great factor about Keep It 100 is that these juices are relatively more affordable compared to others. While some can cost well over $20 or $30, these bottles are a little under the $20 mark.

This makes them the ideal choice for people on a budget or those still starting out.

2. BLVK Unicorn

One of the essential beginner's vaping tips to follow is to try out favorite vape juice brands before venturing out. It's easier to find reviews of popular e-liquids and see what other people had to say about them.

BLVK Unicorn is one of the few e-liquids that have been around since the beginning. This showcases how long their staying power is and further showcases they have the capability of updating their product line over the years.

Speaking of their products, they break these down into the following categories:

  • BLVK
  • WYTE
  • FRZN
  • MILK
  • SALT
  • CHBY

They also offer vape juices with a stronger tobacco taste and different nicotine concentrations. Most of their flavors focus on providing a sweet, fruity flavor that isn't too overwhelming to the senses.

Their packaging is also easily recognizable and elegant. This makes them easy to identify, and you won't mistake their vape juice bottles for anything else in your home or kitchen.

3. Vapetasia

Are you a custard lover? If so, then Vapetasia is among the top e-liquids you have to try. It has a loyal cult following and is slowly breaking into the mainstream too.

Some of their more popular flavors include Milk of the Poppy, inspired by a drink from the show Game of Thrones, and Killer Kustard. Milk of the Poppy features a unique blend of a milky basis with dragonfruit cream. Killer Kustard, on the other hand, focuses on providing a premium creamy vanilla flavor.

Not into milky flavors or strong fruity flavors? You can start off with their Lemonade Stand product, which is an entry-line flavor for newcomers. This flavor isn't too fruity, and it doesn't have a strong citrus aftertaste.

Other great choices from this line include their Pink Lemonade and their now infamous Pineapple Express flavor. Yes, the Pineapple Express takes direct inspiration from the film by Seth Rogan and James Franco.

The only downside here is that there are no menthol flavors available.

Vapetasia bottles often come in 100 mL. They're quite affordable too, often costing less than $15 per bottle.


"Fried" e-liquids cater to a particular crowd, but if you fall into that niche, FRYD is the exact brand you're looking for. They offer "fried" vape juice flavors but without the awful aftertaste that some others do. There's no greasy aftertaste after each puff.

Some of their more popular "fried" flavors include Banana, Cookies and Cream, and Watermelon.

It's also important to note that FRYD takes pride in their certifications and high-quality ingredients. This is crucial because other vape juice brands don't follow this trend. Others utilize some of the cheaper flavoring ingredients. FRYD uses high-quality ingredients to provide their customers a healthier alternative to smoking.

FRYD juices are often under the $20 mark too. This also makes them an affordable choice and their packaging is often vibrant and colorful. They're easy to identify, and their labels tell you everything you need to know, including their hazards and ingredients.

If you're tired of traditional, super sweet e-liquids, then give this one a try. FRYD flavors are unique and definitely not for everybody, but they could work for you. Like others on this list, FRYD also focuses on a strong VG concentration.

5. Dinner Lady

Not all e-liquids are equal, and Dinner Lady is an excellent embodiment of that sentiment.

This is one of the top e-liquids known for its initial launch. Their e-liquids are well-crafted, well-balanced, and not too sweet despite all of them being 70% VG-concentrated.

Why the name Dinner Lady?

The terminology comes from the fact all their flavors relate to traditional, English meals. You can expect flavors based on a cornflake tart or a mango tart. There's also the blackberry crumble flavor and the strawberry custard flavor.

The good news is Dinner Lady recently released a new tobacco line and a few tropical flavors as well. These are great alternatives for people who want something beyond the sweet desserts of an English meal.

If there's any downside to Dinner Lady, it's because they only carry a 30/70 PG/VG ratio. This means their flavors are a little on the sweet side, due to the high VG amount, but that also means they're great for cloud chasing and other tricks. You should only steer clear of Dinner Lady if sweet e-liquids aren't your thing.

6. Nasty

This Malaysian brand of e-liquid rose to popularity within three years. They're quite known now for daring flavors and loud marketing. All it takes is a quick glance at their products, like the Nasty Ballin' Bloody Berry and A$AP Grape, to see how loud they can be.

Most of their flavors focus on exotic, tropical spins. Mango is a common choice in their products too. Their Cush Man e-liquid, which is a fan favorite, takes this concept to a whole new level by mixing mango with banana, grape, and strawberry.

Not into fruity flavors? Nasty does offer a few tobacco lines as well. These all offer different levels of concentration, guaranteeing you can get light or strong tobacco kicks with each vaping session.

There is one thing to keep in mind: a majority of their e-liquids have a light cooling agent. They refer to this as "cool mint" and is a little similar to the menthol aftertaste from Dinner Lady e-liquids. They do offer non-menthol alternatives, but these are rare.

A good thing though is how affordable Nasty vape juices are. Very few costs over the $15 mark. This makes them an ideal choice for beginners.

7. Beard Co.

Then there's Beard Co., an e-liquid brand so popular it's nearly impossible to make a list of top choices without mentioning them.

When Beard Co. first started, they initially focused on roughly a hundred of their in-house flavors. They've since branched out and now offer an eclectic collection of different fruity flavors.

One of their most popular offerings is the No. 5, which tastes like a New York strawberry cheesecake. Then there's the No. 42, which tastes like a cold cup of caramel vanilla milkshake.

While most of their products are fruit-based, they do offer some nic salts and both cereal and donut flavors too.

It is important to note that their PG/VG ratio leans towards VG-concentrations. This means you get 70% VG in their mixes, giving a sweet flavor and a lot of vapor. As mentioned above, this makes their vape juices an excellent choice for cloud chasing.

All that said, their vape juices aren't as cheap as the others on this list. You can expect their bottles to cost $20. However, you are getting high-quality e-liquids here, and you'll taste the quality with your first puff.

8. The Milkman

You can't go to any vaping shop and not find the Milkman there. It's one of the essential e-liquid brands available today. The brand started with only one vape juice option, creamy milk, and expanded from there.

The real draws are the attention to detail. Flavors like Milky O's as well as the Lil' Dipper perfectly encapsulate the taste of milk and cookies. Then there's the Churrios flavor, which mixes traditional churros and sweetens the deal with creamy milk.

The simplicity of the Milkman is a great choice to pair with if you use mechanical mods.

Not into creamy milk? The Milkman now offers a variety of other options like desserts and tobacco. This brand also offers candy-inspired flavors as well, guaranteeing an option for people who want something sweet to contrast the cheesy, milky aftertaste of the traditional flavors.

9. Naked 100

If you're looking for the exact opposite of Om Vapors, hoping to find e-liquids that carry an intense push of flavor, then the Naked 100 is the right choice. They're famous for tropical and sweet flavors, and they're so strong than most alternatives; it's impossible to ignore the taste.

Because of how sweet they are, professional vapors tend to buy three different flavors and alternate through them within a day. Sticking to only one flavor could lead to vaper's tongue, a condition where the flavor doesn't smell or taste special anymore.

One of the most widely recommended flavors is the Hawaiian POG. Mix this in with two other fruity or tropical flavors to avoid the aforementioned vaper's tongue, and you'll be in for a fun ride.

That said, this is a VG-concentrated e-liquid. You should expect strong fruity flavors, and this mix allows for another good round of cloud chasing or vape tricks. This is why this e-liquid brand is popular with younger vaping enthusiasts.

Packaging is also simple, especially when compared to the other options on this list. You could mistake a bottle of Naked 100 for a bottle of acetone given how simplistic and bare the labels are.

10. Cuttwood

Cuttwood, also known as the Sauce Boss, offers some of the most recognized vape juices in the world. They stand among the most prestigious labels due to their high-quality mixes and packaging.

Like many of the brands mentioned on this list, Cuttwood juices have a 30/70 PG/VG ratio. This means they're often quite sweet, light on the lips, and make a lot of vapor for cloud chasing.

Which flavors should you consider trying? Some of the most popular include Cuttwood Boss Reserve, Cuttwood Unicorn Milk, and Cuttwood Sugar Drizzle. Cuttwood initially released Sugar Drizzle as Sugar Bear but changed the name while maintaining its iconic cinnamon taste.

Another great thing about Cuttwood is that they're not that expensive. You can find bottles at a little over $16, and the more exquisite choices only go a bit above the $30 mark. This makes them ideal for morning vaping sessions, replacing coffee with something that gives a similar kick, like Sugar Drizzle.

Get Top E-Liquids Today!

These are only 10 of the top e-liquids in the market today. There are still some other popular choices to discover, like Ethos Vapors and Rocket Punch. They all carry a different PG/VG ratio and a myriad of flavors for you to try if the ones listed above don't satisfy your cravings.

Don't know where to start?

Don't fret! Feel free to contact us today, and we can help you find the right e-liquid to suit your needs and desires. There's always bound to be one e-liquid brand that caters to your preference of PG/VG ratio, flavors, and nicotine kick.

You can even leverage our cost savings by checking our e-liquid deals.

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