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The Truth About Vaping: 9 Facts People Often Get Wrong

The Truth About Vaping: 9 Facts People Often Get Wrong

Have you ever had to explain the truth about vaping to your friends and family? Do you find yourself learning more and more about this activity as you add new vape pens and liquids to your collection?

There really is so much to learn about what makes a good vaping product versus a mediocre one, as well as all the intricacies of vaping. This goes for everything from where vaping is allowed to how to be a considerate vaper if you're in a public space.

This pastime is about more than finding your favorite flavor and learning fun tricks. There's a certain responsibility that comes with vaping to share the truth about it with those who have the wrong idea.

If you aren't aware of the kind of lies people hear or tell themselves about vaping, check out the following 9 "facts" people often get wrong.

1. Vapes and E-Cigs Are the Same Things

E-cigs are small, electric cigarettes made by tobacco companies. They're usually sold in gas stations like traditional cigarettes would be. If you're using one of these, you're not vaping.

Actual vape pens come with more controls for the user. They allow you to pour your e-liquid and adjust the kind of power you want to have. This creates variations in the vapor you pull which is a fun way to experiment with your real vape pen.

2. Most E-Liquids Are Made With Nicotine

While e-liquids can be purchased with nicotine, the same e-liquids can also be purchased without nicotine. A very important distinction between cigarettes and vaping is that you're not able to purchase cigarettes without nicotine (unless they're herbal cigarettes) or with different amounts of nicotine, but you are able to purchase eliquids without nicotine or with different amounts of nicotine. The option to purchase e-liquid without any nicotine makes vaping addiction free!

Vaping is made to be enjoyed by traditional smokers and non-smokers alike. In some cases, it can even help people quit their nicotine use - but more on that later.

3. There's No Regulation in the Industry

Whether someone is making an e-liquid or a vape pen, FDA regulation has begun. There are certain warnings that companies have to put on their labels, and many of them go through extensive testing in order to provide users with the best products possible.

So, the next time someone tells you what you're smoking is a mystery, you can tell them that it's not one at all. The only thing someone has to do is read the label to find the information they're looking for.

4. No Studies Have Been Done to Understand the Effects of Vaping

There's regulation for each vaping product, and then there's the matter of understanding what vaping actually does. There have been multiple studies around the world on the effects of vaping.

This isn't something people are trying on a whim or that governments are just allowing. Vaping has been tested time and time again for potential physical harm or long-term consequences. While it hasn't been around very long, there are significant amount of studies that have already been done and, surely, more to come.

5. Vape Manufacturers Target Young Audiences

One of the main concerns of people who don't vape is that this is becoming the next "drug of choice" for young people. Yes - there are some young adults who have recently turned 18 or college-age people who vape. However, they are not the main target of vape manufacturers.

The vaping market as a whole is incredibly diverse. It includes adults of all ages and other demographic details, too. Not to mention, it takes a mature palate to understand the differences between e-liquids and vape pens.

6. Vaping Is Just as Harmful as Smoking Cigarettes

Here's another common misconception: if you're vaping, you may as well be smoking a cigarette because they're basically the same thing. There is so much wrong with a statement like this!

Cigarettes have an incredible amount of unknown chemicals and additives that can lead to lung cancer, diabetes, and even erectile dysfunction. E-liquid however contains only four ingredients; Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Nicotine (optional), and Flavoring.

7. Vaping Isn't a Good Way to Quit Smoking

Speaking of the consequences of smoking, you can actually quit smoking if you start vaping. Many cigarette smokers start vaping e-liquids with a very small nicotine content. This allows them to soothe their craving while still making progress towards quitting, like baby steps.

Eventually, traditional smokers are able to eventually enjoy nicotine-free e-liquids!

8. Vaping Is a Gateway to Smoking

Going off the quitting possibilities mentioned above, if anything, vaping is actually a gateway to quitting. Think about it: if someone tries vaping before they try smoking, why would they need to smoke?

Vaping offers so much more variety and accessibility, without the serious consequences of traditional smoking.

9. Banning Vaping Will Solve the Smoking Problem

The misconceptions about whether vaping is safe or not and all the judgment centered around it has made some people think the answer is to ban vaping. This may actually be the worse decision legislators can make in regards to vaping.

If vaping becomes banned, most smokers would go back to smoking. Additionally, many of them would find it hard to quit in the first place. This would leave many people in a situation of self-harm and raised medical risks, rather than finding a better way to indulge themselves.

More so, without vaping as an option, more people who are curious about the various kinds of smoking would have fewer options. This would result in a higher amount of cigarette and cigar smokers, and therefore more people with medical concerns.

Discover the Truth About Vaping for Yourself

Understanding how vaping works is not rocket science. Unfortunately, there are just many misconceptions about vaping that makes it harder for new users and onlookers to understand at first.

Once you get past all that, though, it's a really enjoyable - and safe - activity. To discover the truth about vaping for yourself, check out more of our posts or get some new vaping gear!

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