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The Pros Guide: What to Look for When Buying Your First Vaporizer

The Pros Guide: What to Look for When Buying Your First Vaporizer

With so many factors that go into vaporizers nowadays, it's difficult to know exactly what to look for when you're buying a vape for the first time.

Whether you're looking to casually puff on a vape with your friends or get deep into the culture of mods and new-wave vaporizers, you have to start somewhere. Luckily for you, we are here to help you get started in the right direction.

Read on to find out just what you should look for when you're buying your first vape.

What to Look For When Buying a Vape

The first thing that you should do when you start looking for a vape is to understand the different kinds on the market. Different vapes have different pros and cons, so the one you choose will make a big difference.

Here's an overview of the vapes on the market.


E-cigarettes are the first creation of what has evolved into the vape. Like the name suggests, they look very similar to the actual cigarette and work in a very similar manner. A man named Hon Lik created them as a way for smokers to try and quit without going cold turkey.

Hon's father had recently died due to lung cancer, and he didn't want to fall to the same fate. Hon wasn't the first person to try his hand at an alternative to the cigarette, though. In fact, people had been trying to create a synthetic cigarette since the late 1920's.

A few real attempts had gone through with patents and all, but for one reason or another, none of the prototypes made it to mass audiences. The e-cigarette was different, though, and the vaporizer's large popularity is widely due to its invention.

E-cigarettes work by the operation of a nicotine cartridge that response to a number of parts within the device. When the user pulls on the e-cig, a battery activates which sets the parts in motion. The atomizer heats the nicotine cartridge, which then creates a vapor that finds its way to the user through a hole in the mouthpiece.

If you're looking to casually puff on something without a huge financial investment, the e-cigarette might be the way to go for your particular case. They are easy to find at convenience stores and gas stations, and they can run about as low as five or ten dollars. Many of them are disposable, so if you're looking to invest in something reusable, you might be better off trying our next option.

Vape Pens

Vape pens are the next evolution of the e-cig. With a number of reusable and adjustable parts, they allow for a very personalized approach to getting nicotine. While cigarettes and e-cigs have many different brands, flavors, and styles, vape pens allow for a lot more variation than their primitive cousins.

First off, there are literally thousands of different flavors to choose from. A lot of people hate the taste of cigarette smoke. A lot of people also hate the generic flavors that are available in e-cigs.

For those who have a more refined taste, you are almost certain to find one or two flavors on the market that you actually find enjoyable. On top of that, you'll be able to adjust things like temperature and vape volume. Vape pens consist of atomizers, wicks and coils, and batteries, all of which can usually be swapped out and customized.

Vape pens are probably the best option for anyone who likes vape technology but hasn't started out yet. You can buy a vape pen and use it as much or as little as you want. You'll have the benefit of the advanced, customizable systems without the huge prices that can go along with buying more advanced rigs.

All of us know a few people who have purchased expensive vape mods and put them away only to get back into cigarettes. E-cigarettes are a good alternative to smoking, but, as we mentioned, they are often disposable and are far less satisfying than the vape pen.

Why Should You Choose a Pen Over E-Cig?

This section will apply primarily to those who are trying to substitute vapes for cigarettes. First off, congratulations. Quitting smoking is probably the best thing you could ever do to improve your health.

Well, aside from not stepping out in front of a bus. It's really, really, hard to quit, however, and you'll want to take all steps possible to ensure that you don't fall back in. E-cigarettes should work for a while, but there are a couple of things that they don't provide.

The first is the amount of nicotine that you normally take in. Many e-cigarettes have low nicotine levels, making it easy to simply puff on them all day and use them up quickly. This will lead to you running back to buy another, just as you would a pack of cigarettes.

You want to avoid that habit because it leaves you more vulnerable to skipping the e-cig and just buying another pack of cigs. It's also disheartening to keep spending that kind of money on something that isn't satisfying and still feels like you're smoking cigarettes.

The other problem with e-cigs is that they don't have the same physical sensations that cigarettes do. Aside from the motion of bringing the cig up to your mouth, a lot of the sensations are different. For example, the "chest hit," or feeling that comes when you inhale cigarette smoke, is far milder with e-cigs.

Are Pens Much Better?

Pens solve both of the problems listed above. For one, the amount of nicotine that you want can definitely come from the vape pen. Different liquids are designed with different levels of nicotine, allowing you to entirely satisfy the amount that you would have otherwise gotten with cigarettes.

Many people ingest more nicotine than they would otherwise because vape pens are easier to use in the home, at work, or in public than cigarettes are. The other thing that you can satisfy with the pen is the feeling of the chest hit.

Because the temperature of the vapor is adjustable, you are able to adjust the sensation that you receive upon the use of your vape. Higher temperatures, for example, will provide a heavier chest hit and allow you to draw more vapor. The people who you see blowing huge vapor clouds are setting their devices to a high temperature in order to vaporize more liquid with each pull.

You will need to buy a vape mod in order to get the highest level of customization.

Vape Mods

The mod is the device that you see with a large, square body and other customizable features. They can be simple or highly sophisticated, but the most distinguishable feature is their level of customization.

People can buy highly sophisticated wicks and coils, atomizers, mods, and more. You may not want to become an aficionado with all of the bells and whistles, but you can certainly splurge a little can purchase a mod without swearing your allegiance to vaporizers.

Pre-Assembled Kits

One of the main barriers to buying a vaporizer for the first time is the daunting possibility that you would buy the wrong parts, get ripped off by someone at the tobacco store, or wouldn't know how to use the thing once you got it.

There are pre-assembled vape kits that take care of all of that for you. You can buy them in stores or online, and once you have them they are pretty straightforward to use and understand. They will definitely come with an instructional manual or some form of customer service outreach to help you on your way.

Try and look for one that is customizable that you can mix and match with if you want to. That way you can get all the benefits of having a vape mod that is pre-assembled, and still have the option of expanding on your rig as you see fit.

Once you're officially involved and interested in owning a vape, you should take a look at some of the laws and regulations of your state and area. There is a large debate going on right now called the "War on Vaping," and it's something that you should look into if you're going to vape for a while.

Essentially, the FDA is regulating all alternatives to tobacco, placing huge restrictions and difficult inspections on literally every vaping product in the industry. If everything goes as it seems like it might, you could be paying a lot more for your products.

Want to Know More?

If you're interested in getting a cool vape rig, or just want to know more about vaping in general, take the time to research and find out what's going on in the world of vaping. After buying a vape, the world is your oyster.

If vaping seems like something you want to get into, we have all the information you need.

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