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The Most Common False "Dangers of Vaping" You Shouldn't Believe

The Most Common False "Dangers of Vaping" You Shouldn't Believe

According to experts, nine million adults in the U.S. vape or use related products. Yet, if you search for anything about it, you'll find many warnings about the dangers of vaping.

Advertisements and health professional warnings abound. Yet, have you ever wondered how many of those warnings are myths? Keep reading for a look at some myths the lying media is trying to tell you about vaping.

What is Vaping?

Before we get into the dangers of vaping, you need to know what it is.

To vape, you need the proper tools. A vaporizer is a pen-like gadget that can fit in your pocket. They heat up the liquid you put inside so it becomes a vapor. Hence the term "vaping."

The great thing about vaporizers is they don't produce harmful materials like smoking. Smoking any substance, including herbs, still means you're inhaling particles from the smoke. No matter what you're smoking, it isn't healthy for your lungs.

The ingredients in e-liquid are Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, water, and sometimes nicotine. E-liquids can come in a variety of flavors, too.

Where did vaping start? Vaping first became commercialized in China during the 1960's. And the more modern e-cig that we know today got its patent in the early 2000's.

Myths about the Dangers of Vaping

It doesn't matter where you are, there's always going to be someone who has something to say about vaping. Whatever it is, here are some myths propagated by the media.

You'll get Popcorn Lung

For those of you who have never heard of popcorn lung, it's a condition that scars the airways. It makes you cough and have difficulty breathing. It's often caused by a chemical known as "diacetyl."

There are claims that vaping exposes smokers to high levels of diacetyl. Yet, studies have shown exposure to the chemical is by far the lowest, unlike tobacco smoking. They also found it isn't even in most e-liquids.

Vaping Causes the Same Damage as Tobacco Cigarettes

Compared to the few ingredients found in e-liquids, cigarettes have far more chemicals. It also has the added risk of inhaling smoke into the body.

In a lot of cases, blood pressure is higher in those who smoke traditional cigarettes. Smoking hinders some of the senses, like taste. But vaping doesn't.

Vaping is More Addictive Than Tobacco

This one is for those who add nicotine to their vaporizers. Nicotine can be an addictive substance. We're not disputing that claim.

But we want to point out that e-cigarettes can help users quit smoking tobacco. The amount of nicotine in e-liquids is less than the amount found in cigarettes. Not to mention the chemicals in tobacco cigarettes.

Vaping is Dangerous to Your Health

With the fear that surrounds smoking, it's easy to understand the worry over vaping. But are vape pens bad for you?

One study found that vaping may actually be less harmful than smoking tobacco by 95 percent. That's a large percentage and a landmark statement about e-cigs. Yet, there is still a large percentage of people who aren't so convinced.

More Facts about Vaping

There are some things about vaping we'd like to clear up. Keep reading for more myths and facts.

Vaporizers and E-cigarettes are Not the Same

While studies about e-cigs and vaporizers may lump the two in together, they aren't the same thing.

E-cigs are small and sometimes slender. They may come in different sizes but have the shape of a cigarette.

What's different about the vaporizer? It works much like the e-cigarette but comes a little larger. It also has many more flavors from which to choose and has a longer battery life.

Do E-liquids Contain Anti-freeze?

That's a very interesting myth. But, the short answer is that e-liquids don't contain anti-freeze. As we've already listed, there are very few ingredients in the e-juice. It's a good thing anti-freeze isn't one of them.

Where does this myth originate? The Propylene Glycol in vaping liquid is also an ingredient found in the liquid used in vehicles. That doesn't mean there's a connection between anti-freeze and vaping liquid.

Vaping is More Expensive Than Tobacco Smoking

You've seen the way prices on cigarette packs are increasing. So, how is vaping somehow more expensive?

In truth, it can cost you a little bit to begin vaping if you invest in a starter kit. Once you've established your vaping kit, you will only pay for the essentials to keep it stocked. That includes your e-liquids and any other add-on's you'll need after that.

Second-hand "Smoke" From Vaping

Everyone is aware of the dangers of second-hand tobacco. Lung cancer is one of the worst outcomes from second-hand smoke. So, it's no wonder people try to tack that same concern onto vaping.

Let's put your worries to rest.

Studies show the second-hand vapors from vaporizers is not enough to harm bystanders. In fact, the carcinogens found in second-hand vapor smoke is no more than that found in outdoor air.

Are Vape Pens Explosive?

One of the myths that have some small fact is that vape pens are explosive.

The reality behind this claim is that batteries can, overheat in specific situations. Like phone batteries, vaporizer batteries are not immune to overheating.

How do you avoid this happening?

  1. Make sure you buy a vaporizer with security features. Especially one that warns you about an overcharged battery
  2. You may need to keep any extra batteries in their own case
  3. Only use the charger that comes with your vaporizer
  4. If you think your battery may have gotten wet, replace it.

Like anything electronic device, responsible ownership is key.

More about Vaping

Now you know the myths about the dangers of vaping. Visit Blazed Vapes and make your own judgment about vaping. There are plenty of starter kits and vape juice from which to choose, as well.

Want more? You can read about vaping for beginners on our blog!

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