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The Breakfast Club: 10 Great Vape Flavors to Start Your Day

The Breakfast Club: 10 Great Vape Flavors to Start Your Day

Studies have shown that more than 50 percent of Americans start their day by hitting the snooze button and going right back to sleep.

Additionally, almost 60 percent of Americans spend more than five minutes laying in bed every morning before they finally get out of it.

Do you have a hard time dusting off the cobwebs and getting yourself going when the alarm clock goes off? If so, there are a bunch of different breakfast vape flavors that can make it a lot easier on you.

When you start vaping with e-juice flavors that taste like some of your favorite breakfast foods, you'll actually look forward to opening your eyes every morning. You won't be able to wait to start vaping at the beginning of each and every day.

Check out 10 great breakfast vape flavors you should enjoy when your alarm clock goes off.

1. Keep It 100 Krunchy Squares

When it comes right down to it, there is nothing like sitting down at the breakfast table and chowing down on some cereal in the morning.

At least, there was nothing like it until Keep It 100 Krunchy Squares came along and made it possible for you to feel like you're eating a big bowl of cereal no matter where you're at or what time it is.

This e-juice is designed to taste like French toast cereal, complete with just the right amount of sweet and delicious milk poured into it. Close your eyes while you're vaping with it, and you won't be able to believe you're not eating the real thing.

2. Vape Breakfast Classics French Dude

French toast cereal is great. Amazing even.

But what if you could vape with an e-juice that tastes just like French toast itself? That would take the French toast flavor to a whole new level.

That's exactly what you're going to be able to do with Vape Breakfast Classic French Dude e-juice. It tastes like a big plate of French toast with butter and syrup slathered all over it.

From the moment it hits your lips, this e-juice will satisfy your sweet tooth and make you rethink your approach to the morning time.

3. Mad Hatter Cereal Pop

If an e-juice that tastes like French toast doesn't do it for you or if you just want some variety in your life, you do have other cereal-flavored e-juices to choose from.

Mad Hatter Cereal Pop is one of the most popular choices on the market today. And it won't take you very long to figure out why once you start vaping with it.

The vape flavors in this e-juice are a special blend of fruity rainbow cereal and creamy milk. They combine to provide you with one of the sweetest and most satisfying e-juices you'll ever taste.

Getting up out of bed will be a treat when you know you have this waiting for you.

4. Skwezed Grape Fruit

Do you want to vape with something that doesn't taste like it's jampacked with sugar?

That's not a problem, either! If fruit is more your thing, the Skwezed Grape Fruit e-juice will prove to taste just like a big bite of grapefruit in the morning.

Whether you want to mix this e-juice in occasionally to get your daily dose of fruit flavors or use it every day to get you going, the choice is yours. You'll get all the fruit you can handle when you use it.

5. I Love Donuts Strawberry


That's right. You can enjoy the taste of donuts every single day when you make sure you're stocked up on I Love Donuts Strawberry. This e-juice is bursting with strawberry jam flavor and will taste like a donut that just came out of the oven when you vape with it.

You won't have to worry about getting up and running to the bakery anymore when you start using this in the morning. It has all the flavor of the classic American pastry without any of the fat and carbs to go along with it.

6. Vape Breakfast Classics Pancake Man

Earlier, we told you about Vape Breakfast Classic French Dude, an e-juice designed to taste just like a plate of French toast.

And while we would highly recommend giving that e-juice a try, you should also make room in your e-cigarette for Vape Breakfast Classics Pancake Man.

You might not be thrilled by the idea of getting up in the morning, turning on the stove, and making pancakes on your own. But with this e-juice, you can get all the pancake taste you love without having to do any work for it.

Save this one for Saturday and Sunday mornings and treat yourself to a special meal or pull it out in the middle of the week if you just can't wait for the weekend.

7. Vaper Treats Pebbles Cheesecake

There are some e-juices that taste like fruity rainbow cereal. There are others that taste like cheesecake. But what would an e-juice with both of those e-juices put together taste like?!

That might sound like something that would be too much for your senses to take. But in reality, it's one of the most scrumptious e-juices you'll ever try.

Vaper Treats Pebbles Cheesecake tastes like someone took fruity rainbow cereal and sprinkled it all over a delicious cheesecake. The vape flavors that you'll experience with this e-juice will burst in your mouth and send your senses into overdrive.

We wouldn't recommend actually putting fruity rainbow cereal on top of cheesecake and eating it for breakfast. But when you enjoy it in e-juice form, it's something that's truly out of this world.

8. Cloud Thieves Cinnaroo

Did you think we were done telling you about the cereal-flavored e-juices that you can try?

Not by a long shot! There is one other one that we just have to tell you about so that you can try it out as soon as possible.

Cloud Thieves Cinnaroo combines the Kangaroo Kustard e-juice that so many people have fallen in love with over the years with the vape flavors of a cinnamon sugar cereal.

The result is what can only be described as the ultimate cereal e-juice. It has hints of custard, cinnamon, vanilla frosting, and even candy sprinkles and will have your taste buds dancing from the moment you wake up and start using it.

Far from the average cinnamon sugar cereal e-juice, this is an e-juice that's going to become a part of your morning routine sooner than later when you try it.

9. Sadboy Strawberry Jam

Is it a good idea to cram cookies into your mouth first thing in the morning? Eh, not really, but these aren't technically cookies, so you're well within your rights to give it a try!

Sadboy Strawberry Jam e-juice features vape flavors that taste just like buttery shortbread cookies that have been injected with a strawberry jam filling. That makes this e-juice ideal both for the morning time and for any time when you would normally eat dessert.

Words like "smooth" and "creamy" will instantly come to mind when you're vaping with this, and you'll be absolutely blown away by how delicious it tastes. It won't be long before you're sneaking this into your system throughout the course of a normal day.

10. Strange Fruit Rotten Candy

Under normal circumstances, we wouldn't recommend that you eat candy first thing in the morning. And we definitely wouldn't recommend rotten candy in the morning or at any other time of the day.

But stick with us here. Once you get the chance to give Strange Fruit Rotten Candy a try, you'll be blown away by all the vape flavors that will come along with it.

With a name like Rotten Candy, you might expect a gross blend of flavors. But this e-juice will give you not-so-subtle hints of just about all your favorite candies at once.

If your goal is to get your system firing on all cylinders, it'll be just about impossible for you to miss the mark when you use this e-juice. It'll give you the energy you need to get your day started on the right track and will satisfy your urge for something sweet.

Plus, using it is significantly better than eating real candy in its place. So it's a win all around and will prove to be one of the tastiest e-juices you've ever had the pleasure of trying.

Want to Start Using These Vape Flavors Every Morning?

If you don't know which breakfast vape flavor to try first, don't worry. Each and every flavor on this list offers something special. They'll all hit the spot in their own unique way.

When you use these vape flavors, your days will come to life, and you won't even dream of hitting the snooze button when you wake up. You'll be so excited to start your day with a breakfast vape that you might even wake up long before your alarm goes off.

Contact us to order any of the delicious vape flavors that you see here.

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