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The 9 Best Vaping Tips for Beginners

The 9 Best Vaping Tips for Beginners

When you read about vaping online, much of what you read will be directed toward people who already have vaping experience and understand the jargon. Information that can help a new vaper have a better experience, however, can be much harder to find. We’re out to change that. Are you new to vaping? There are a few things that you absolutely must know if you want to get the most out of your e-cigarette. These are the crucial vaping tips for beginners that you won’t find in your e-cigarette’s instruction manual.

Learn to Inhale Properly

The most important thing that you can learn as a vaping beginner is that you can’t puff on an e-cigarette as if it were a tobacco cigarette. With a tobacco cigarette, firm puffs generate more smoke because they cause the tobacco to burn more quickly. In an e-cigarette, though, the atomizer gets its power from the battery – not from air pressure. Puffing harder won’t generate more vapor. It’s more likely that you’ll just swallow e-liquid. Big, satisfying vapor clouds come from long, slow puffs.

Set Realistic Expectations

An e-cigarette can replace the nicotine in a tobacco cigarette, but it can’t replace the products of combustion or the thousands of other chemicals that you inhale when you smoke. When you switch from smoking to vaping, you may feel a little strange for the first few days as your body rids itself of substances other than nicotine. It’s best not to smoke and vape concurrently. Stick with vaping; you’ll feel more normal after a few days.

Keep Your Atomizer Coil Wet

The atomizer coil in a modern e-cigarette can become extremely hot extremely quickly. Most of the problems that can occur during vaping happen because the atomizer coil is dry. If e-liquid isn’t touching the atomizer coil, you’ll experience a hot, harsh “dry hit” when you use the e-cigarette. A dry atomizer coil can also burn your e-cigarette’s delicate cotton wick. You can avoid those problems by keeping your e-cigarette’s tank full and by waiting several seconds for the wick to become wet again after each puff.

Try Unsweetened E-Liquids

People love sweet things – and with creative flavor mixing, it’s possible to create an e-liquid that tastes like a decadent dessert or well-known candy. Sweet e-liquids are huge sellers, and many people credit sweet e-liquid flavors with helping them resist the urge to smoke. To create an e-liquid that’s as sweet as candy, you need to add sweetener. The problem with sweetened e-liquids, though, is that they leave residue on atomizer coils. The residue – vapers call it “coil gunk” – eventually becomes so thick that it makes every e-liquid taste burned. If you don’t mind replacing your atomizer coil every couple of days, feel free to enjoy your candy, custard and donut e-liquids. They’re delicious. If you want your coils to last longer, though, try unsweetened e-liquids. You’ll find that unsweetened e-liquids leave significantly less residue on your coils.

Buy Extra E-Liquid

The hardest moment in a former smoker’s journey as a new vaper usually comes around a week after making the switch to vaping. That’s about the time when you’ll realize that you’re using e-liquid more quickly than you thought you would, and you’re going to run out before more e-liquid can arrive in the mail. At that point, you’ll have a tough decision on your hands. Should you pay a ridiculous markup at a local vape shop for more e-liquid, or should you cave and buy a pack of cigarettes? Don’t let that happen to you – buy more e-liquid than you think you need. Order more e-liquid before your current supply runs low.

Start Collecting Spare Parts Now

Without e-liquid, you can’t vape – but it isn’t the only potential point of failure in your vaping setup. You could run out of atomizer coils. Your battery could stop holding a charge. You could break the glass of your tank. If you don’t have a replacement for a broken component, you’ll be unable to vape until a replacement arrives in the mail unless you can find the component locally. Once you make the decision that vaping is right for you, it’s time to start buying replacements for the crucial components in your vaping setup. If you have a replacement available, a broken component is only a minor inconvenience.

Experiment With E-Liquid Flavors

There are so many e-liquid flavors in the world that you could never try them all – and no two e-liquids taste exactly the same. No matter what you expect from the vaping experience, you can find an e-liquid to suit your taste. If you don’t love the first bottle of e-liquid that you try, buy something else. Keep trying different e-liquids until you find your perfect match. It’s out there.

Try Inhaling Directly to Your Lungs

When you smoke, you probably drew the smoke into your mouth before inhaling it into your lungs. That’s called mouth-to-lung inhaling. Many small e-cigarettes – such as pod vaping systems and the small e-cigarettes that you can find in convenience stores – are designed for mouth-to-lung inhaling. Small e-cigarettes are optimized for maximum nicotine delivery so users will be satisfied even though their devices don’t produce a lot of vapor. Larger vaping devices, however, are optimized for maximum cloud production. If you find that your device has a draw that’s a bit too loose and airy for mouth-to-lung inhaling, your device probably falls into the second category. Try inhaling the vapor directly into your lungs. You’ll enjoy much larger vapor clouds, and you’ll probably feel much more satisfied as well. Alternatively, try closing your tank’s airflow until you achieve the desired air resistance for mouth-to-lung inhaling.

Go Easy on Yourself

When you switch to vaping, the best thing that you can do is never touch a tobacco cigarette again. For some people, though, that isn’t so easy to do. If you experience a moment of weakness and decide to smoke a cigarette, don’t be too hard on yourself. Try to make that cigarette your last one – and remember that you score a victory every time you choose to vape instead of smoking a cigarette.

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