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The 8 Best RTA Tanks of 2018

The 8 Best RTA Tanks of 2018

What's a lot safer than smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes--but can still deliver your needed nicotine dose?

The answer: Vaping with the best RTA tanks!

Even the American Cancer Society has taken its stand on electronic cigarettes. The organization reported that these devices cause less harm than smoking actual cigarettes.

What's more, health experts in the U.S. aren't the only ones siding with e-cigs. The Public Health England in the United Kingdom also says that this is a less-risky alternative to smoking.

Has all this got you thinking that it's time to join the throng of the RTA tank users? It's high time you do so!

The question is, which ones make the cut in 2018?

Whether you're a beginner to the vaping world or you've realized that rebuildable atomizers better suit you than sub-ohm tanks, here are the top RTAs to watch out for.

1. Vandy Vape Kylin RTA

What do you get when you combine an RTA tank system with a post-less quad terminal deck and impressive airflow design?

The Vandy Vape Kylin RTA, that's what!

This 24mm Vandy Vape masterpiece gives you a whopping 6ml e-juice reserve--enough to get you by for two to three days. This capacity makes the Kylin your best friend when out on a trip to somewhere you won't find e-juice that easily.

The large juice reservoir isn't its only appeal. Its 24-K gold-plated build deck makes it a beauty too. The extra build space also lets you set up the tank with your choice of coil configurations.

You'll find a couple of massive cut-outs on the deck's sides. Thanks to these features, the best wicking saturation follows.

Around the Kylin's base, you'll find dual air slots where the flow of air takes place. From here, the air goes into four different airholes. The sloped orientation of two of these air holes allows for maximum flavor and vapor production.

You can get your Vandy Vape Kylin RTA now in stainless steel, black, rainbow, or gold finish.

2. Vandy Vape Kylin Mini RTA

Vandy Vape did so well with their top-rated Kylin RTA they decided to make a mini version! Make no mistake though: It may be smaller in size, but it meets every vaper's standards.

To start with, its threaded top fill tank boasts of a beautiful design, featuring a post-less, single-coil deck. Wrapped in gold plating, it gives you that aura of sophistication every time you take a puff. With a construction combining stainless steel and Pyrex glass materials, you can rest assured it's heavy-duty.

It also features a huge 180-degree honeycomb-styled airflow design. This means that the air goes straight to the coils, delivering maximum flavor and large billows of vapor.

What's more, it comes with a one-of-a-kind 810 Resin drip tip, complete with a bulb glass tube. This lets you up your RTA's juice capacity from the regular 3ml to a considerable 5ml.

It's a bit limited when it comes to color options, although you can still choose from stainless steel, rainbow, and gold.

3. Geek Vape Blitzen

Handling RTA tanks can be quite difficult to master, especially to rookie vapers. One common problem with these otherwise great vaping devices is their annoying leaks.

Leaks, mind you, don't always result from a faulty tank. For instance, if you didn't wick right, you can expect e-juice to seep out. That's a complete waste of precious vaping budget.

Enter Blitzen, a heaven-sent from Geek Vape. This 24mm-RTA vape tank addresses those frustrating leak issues while delivering outstanding flavor and ultimate vapor production.

What's more, it has a post-less build deck, which lets you have an easier coil-building time. Plus, the deck itself attaches to the base, giving you even more convenient access.

Its blend of smooth airflow, top-notch flavor, and leak-resistance makes the Geek Vape Blitzen one of your best RTA tank options to look out for in 2018.

You even have several colors to choose from. Whether you want stainless steel, gunmetal, rainbow, blue, or black, the Blitzen has you covered.

4. Geek Vape Zeus RTA

The fact that its name comes from a supreme god should already tell you that the Zeus RTA, another product from Geek Vape, is legit.

Like the Blitzen, Zeus also boasts of a leak-proof design. What makes it even more special is that RTA enthusiasts, whether newbies or veterans, will find it a joy to use. So, if you're new to the world of vaping, you should include this in your list of top RTA tank models.

User-friendliness aside, Zeus also delivers a powerful flavor kick with its 3D airflow design. Vape all you want with its smooth intake while not worrying about leaks.

Get this best single coil RTA now in either stainless steel, gunmetal, black, or blue finish. You can even go for all four colors just for the fun of it.

5. Geek Vape Zeus Dual RTA

What's better than the Geek Vape Zeus Dual?

Well, to tell you the truth, not a lot can beat it. But if you're aiming to invest on a dual coil tank, then the Zeus Dual may just be a better option for you.

An upgrade to the single coil original Zeus, the Zeus Dual boasts of the same leak-proof airflow design. This airflow system, which routes the air to the bottom of the build, lets you enjoy maximum juice flavor. The postless build deck levels up too so that you can build single or dual coil constructions with ease.

Even the color selection gets an upgrade! You can get the Geek Vape Zeus Dual RTA in any of the five original Zeus finishes--plus gold, polished stainless steel, and red.

6. Wotofo Serpent SMM RTA

The Serpent SMM RTA is the results of the joint effort from premium vaping brand Wotofo and popular YouTube channel Suck My Mod.

This unique RTA tank, featuring a dual wall build deck design, comes complete with four post holes. If you're looking for a top-rated single coil RTA, then this is a great choice.

The airflow technology of the Serpent SMM lets you enjoy the ultimate flavor of all your fave e-Liquids. You can also adjust the dual airflow slots depending on your flavor concentration preferences.

All these, plus the huge 4ml juice capacity complete with a twist off cap top makes the Serpent SMM a must-have for 2018. Oh, and did we tell you about its beautiful chassis made from stainless steel?

You can also further crank up your vaping style by choosing either the stainless steel, black, or rainbow finish.

7. Augvape Boreas V2 RTA

Even though a millimeter shorter than most of the RTA tanks in this list, the Augvape Boreas V2 RTA can still hold a considerable 5ml of your top e-Liquid choice.

On top of this sits a knurled-threaded cap, together with two large refilling ports. Remove the chimney tube adapter, and the device can still carry up to 2.5ml of juice.

Upon closer look, you'll find the velocity style, two-post build deck of the Boreas V2. You need to remove this from the tank's base to finish your set up. It also consists of a total of four 2.55mm terminals, PEEK insulation, and wicking cutouts on the corner.

The bottom air slots let the airflow enter the device, all of which you can adjust based on preference. You can also close them completely. The bore drip tip lets you take huge amounts of vapor, although you'll find the 510 drip tip adapter giving you enhanced versatility.

Whether you're looking for a regular or smaller-sized RTA that delivers ultimate flavor and good juice reserves, then the Augvape Boreas V2 RTA is one of your top choices.

You can have one in either black, gold, or stainless steel finish.

8. The Wake RTA

Wake Mod Co. presents The Wake RTA, a 24mm RTA with an innovative craftsmanship. It's a great mix of a postless build deck and accurate bottom airflow technology, making it one of the most user-friendly rebuildable atomizers in the market.

Like the Augvape Boreas V2 RTA, it also measures 24mm in diameter. Inside its pretty chassis, you'll find a gold-plated interior. Outside, you'll feast your eyes on anodized aluminum.

At 3.3ml juice capacity, it might be a little too short for you. But again, this depends on how much you vape. On average, vapers consume about 2 to 3ml of liquid, so this capacity may be enough to last you an entire day.

The Best RTA to Start Your Day

With the global e-cig and vaporizer market to hit a forecast of $61 billion, it's safe to assume that you have hundreds, if not thousands of rebuildable atomizers to choose from.

If you want the best RTA tank to give you that needed vapor first thing in the morning though, take a page from our book (or at least this list).

You should also check out our other vaping guides and tips to make your everyday vaping safer and even more enjoyable.

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