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Sub-Ohm Tanks vs. Rebuildable Atomizers

Sub-Ohm Tanks vs. Rebuildable Atomizers

By far, sub-ohm tanks are the most popular attachments for e-cigarettes today. Modern sub-ohm tanks are very reliable. They produce enormous, dense vapor clouds that are rich with flavor, and they rarely have wicking issues. If you read the content on vaping enthusiast forums or watch YouTube, though, you’ll notice that many experienced vapers have ditched sub-ohm tanks in favor of building their own coils. Why are rebuildable atomizers so popular? Are you doing yourself a disservice by sticking with your sub-ohm tank? In this article, we’ll compare sub-ohm tanks vs. rebuildable atomizers to help you determine the type of vaping setup that will work best for you.

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Winner: Sub-Ohm Tanks

No vaping coil lasts forever – and if you’re one of the many vapers in the world who loves sweet e-liquids, you’re probably changing the coil in your tank every day or two. Nothing in vaping is more convenient – or more satisfying – than dropping a new coil in a tank. All it takes is a few seconds to restore your tank’s original flavor and performance. Sure, sub-ohm coils cost a bit – but isn’t your time worth something too? Building a new atomizer coil, on the other hand, is a process that takes at least 15 minutes even for experienced builders. If you’re an inexperienced coil builder – or just a very careful one – building a new coil can easily take a half hour or more. If you build a new coil every day, that time can really add up. Wouldn’t you rather be doing something else with your time?

Vapor Production

Winner: Rebuildable Atomizers

You’re not going to see too many people with sub-ohm tanks winning vapor cloud competitions. If you want to blow huge vapor clouds, you need plenty of airflow and a coil with high surface area. With a rebuildable atomizer, you’ll get all the airflow you want and can build the craziest coils you can imagine. If you’re willing to learn the ins and outs of coil building, nothing beats the vapor production of a rebuildable atomizer – but sub-ohm tanks are quickly catching up. Only the best coil builders can compete with modern tanks such as the SMOK TFV12 Prince.


Winner: Sub-Ohm Tanks

When you build your own atomizer coils, there are several potential problems that can occur. A mounting screw can come loose. A coil could touch the side or drip well of the atomizer. You could forget to trim a coil’s leads. Any of those problems can cause a short circuit, and a short circuit is a potentially dangerous situation that causes extreme stress to a battery. A power-regulated vaping device should detect a short circuit and display an error message rather than allowing you to vape – but do you really want to trust your safety to a single point of failure? Vaping product manufacturers test resistance and check for short circuits before packing and shipping their coils. Although some faulty coils may make it through the testing process, that’s extremely rare. You can purchase box after box of pre-made sub-ohm coils for years without ever finding a coil with a manufacturing fault.


Winner: Rebuildable Atomizers

Do you mind spending a bit of money if doing so will save you some time, or would you rather save money whenever possible? Replacing the coil in a sub-ohm tank every day can easily add hundreds of dollars per year to your vaping cost. If you use a rebuildable atomizer, on the other hand, you could buy a large spool of wire and a bulk package of organic cotton at an extremely low cost. A year from now, you’ll still be using those same materials to build your coils at a cost of a few cents per day. People who like sweet e-liquids need new atomizer coils almost daily – and if you need daily coil replacements, using a rebuildable atomizer will save you a bundle of money.


Winner: Tie

Taste is subjective, and only you can decide what you like. Two of the most important things that influence flavor quality in vaping, however, are vapor production and airflow. If you use a rebuildable atomizer optimized for cloud production, you’re consuming more e-liquid. Higher e-liquid consumption should lead to a more flavorful experience. On the other hand, rebuildable atomizers use very open airflow characteristics to achieve their extreme vapor production – and air dilutes the flavor of your e-liquid. With a sub-ohm tank, you’ll get less vapor – but you’ll also inhale less air. In the end, the flavor experience of sub-ohm tanks vs. rebuildable atomizers is about the same.


Winner: Rebuildable Atomizers

Modern sub-ohm tanks typically have several different coils available to suit individuals’ preferences and device capabilities. If your sub-ohm tank has multiple coils available, you can change your vaping experience simply by trying a different coil. When you build your own coils, though, no two builds will produce exactly the same results. You can change the number of coil wraps, the spacing of the coils, the diameter of the coils and the gauge of the wire. You can even experiment with alternative wick materials such as nylon, silica and hemp. A rebuildable atomizer can give you a different vaping experience every day. No sub-ohm tank can make that claim.


Winner: Tie

Do you like to have a vaping setup that looks great? Owning a sub-ohm tank no longer means that you have to compromise in that area. Years ago, rebuildable atomizer designers were already experimenting with different colors and alternative materials such as brass, anodized aluminum and polyetherimide. The sub-ohm tanks at that time, meanwhile, were still nondescript glass enclosures with stainless steel hardware. Thankfully, sub-ohm tanks have since caught up. Companies manufacture sub-ohm tanks in a variety of colors to suit different tastes. Some tanks have even appeared with limited-edition colors. If you’d like to own an eye-catching vaping setup, you have more choices than ever – regardless of whether you use a sub-ohm tank or a rebuildable atomizer.

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