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Sexy Vaping? Today's Daters Weigh In

Sexy Vaping? Today's Daters Weigh In

Vaping is a continuingly growing industry with more people taking up the e-cig every day.

With different modifications and styles available as well as numerous tasty flavors, it's no wonder people are switching over from smoking tobacco.

There is certainly a strong vape scene. From cloud blowing competitions to Instagram accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers. But does vaping carry any weight when it comes to attracting a partner and looking good?

Vaping has taken on its own subculture which has led to a many adopting certain styles and looks that break from the norm. Since it isn't seen as mainstream, the underground and rebel qualities of vaping do have some appeal.

Looking sexy while vaping is definitely possible, you just need to understand how vaping is perceived and what you can do about it.

Before we cover this, it's important to understand why people used to see smoking as sexy. This is because the appeal of smoking has changed, so knowing the history can help you avoid the least attractive elements.

Smoking in the Past

Before vaping, smoking was one of the biggest cultural trends to affect Society. It impacted everyone and shaped culture in very significant ways.

Soldiers during World War One were even rationed cigarettes by the army to reduce anxieties and other issues. However, by the 1920s, many people were starting to experience the adverse side effects such as smoker's cough.

With growing concerns about the dangers of smoking, people began to question cigarettes. They doubted the advertising and sales began to fall.

In reaction to this, tobacco companies turned to advertising. They began pumping millions of dollars into a continuous stream of commercials designed to sway public opinion.

For example, they would send cigarettes to doctors asking if their brand was less harsh than others. Doctors agreed but never said the cigarette was healthy or good for you. Regardless, the tobacco companies would run ads with pictures of doctors saying: 
"Doctors agree our brand is the least irritating for the throat."

They also paid to ensure their brand featured in movies and was used by celebrities and models. That way, consumers would see their favorite actor or actress smoking on screen.

The result was extremely effective for decades.

Consumers emulated stars of the era trying to copy the latest fashions and looks all while smoking cigarettes like those before them. They also could justify that smoking made them feel better as well as look cooler. This was due to the addictive nature of nicotine and the initial anxiety-reducing effects,

The tobacco companies also used their huge profits to block medical research into tobacco. They promoted their own biased studies that only proved certain benefits.

By the time doctors produced multiple studies proving it's harmful effects, smoking was already ingrained into the public way of life.

Moving Underground

Despite the addictive properties and cultural habits, anti-tobacco campaigns helped reduce public smoking.

However, with the government and parents telling young people to not smoke, smoking became seen as an act of rebellion.

Capitalizing on this, the tobacco companies began sponsoring musicians and young stars to appeal to the youth instead. The more children and teens that tried smoking, the more likely a few would become addicted and become lifetime smokers/customers.

Suddenly, teens smoking in leather jackets outside music venues and at festivals became seen as rebels, cool kids. The entire "bad boy" look came from this era and redefined what it meant to be a smoker.

To smoke meant to show that you didn't care about the consequences or what people told you to do.

Over time, however, these rebellious kids grew up to develop other illnesses and addictions. Cancers, collapsed lungs, throat infections and diseases in their mouths.

The very group tobacco companies had created became vocal advocates against smoking and urged younger people to not do it.

After over half a century, smoking was banned in most public places. The majority of people, including musicians and teens, started to ignore tobacco companies in general.

Smoking is still seen as a rebellious and underground habit today but also as dangerous and reckless. These same attributes have passed on to the vaping industry.

Because of the rising popularity, tobacco companies have begun entering the vape market. And both old and new companies are using similar advertising tactics to manipulate consumers as they did before.

So how is vaping perceived and how attractive to people find it?

What the Data Says

When people were surveyed about how they felt about those who smoke or vape the results were very interesting.

Overall, vaping was seen almost identical to smoking despite smoking only slightly being seen as worse and less attractive.

The majority of people did feel that vaping wasn't an attractive quality. The main reasons were because the side effects are still unknown and they see the habit as both expensive and an indication of poor impulse control.

Because smoking is not mainstream, vaping itself has also become something that is done by fringe social groups and this has had its own consequences.

If the majority of people seen vaping are (by mainstream standards) dressed weird, or part of oddball groups, it makes vaping itself seem uncool. As mentioned, the tobacco companies paid millions for the hottest supermodels and celebrities to smoke so people could imagine themselves doing it too.

Vaping doesn't have that luxury and so only those who are different are seen as the ones who do it

People also know that tobacco companies lied to sell cigarettes and manipulated or lobbied against medical studies that claimed smoking was unhealthy. For this exact reason, people are skeptical about vaping and are waiting for conclusive studies to be done on its health effects before making opinions.

The interesting thing about these studies, however, is that they are not technically asking people how they feel about someone they know who vapes, but about their idea of someone who does.

For that exact reason, there is still a compelling and clear argument for how some who vapes can be seen as attractive.

Sexy Vaping and Attraction

Imagine a Hillary Clinton fanatic or a Trump supporter. There's a strong chance you imagined an extreme and possibly bad version of this person.

But in reality, political views are a terrible way to assume something about a person and may not even be important once you get to know them.

The exact same thing is true for vaping and those who do it.

Vaping itself is an immensely satisfying hobby that has an infinite amount of mods and flavors to work with.

For those who see vaping as a waste of money, it's unlikely they consider how much they spend on drinks, coffee, eating out, shopping, gaming or any of their own vices. Everyone is free to spend their own money how they like and there's no need to judge someone for such basic choices.

Sure, if someone is in debt or is struggling to pay bills because of their vaping then they have a problem. But these people are completely in minority.

Equally, the same can be said for the argument that vapers have "poor impulse control". Can you imagine if you were to ask anyone to give up coffee, or drinking, or something they love because you don't like them doing it?

Chances are they wouldn't be able to stop for very long.

Taking these ideas into consideration, for vaping to be sexy you simply need to demystify the preconceived notions people have about its negative effects.

Once you show someone that you're fine with money, enjoy vaping as a hobby, and aren't dependent on it, you'll immediately defy and disprove the top issues they have with vapers.

From the flavors to the fun you can have with smoke clouds, vaping can look cool and be immensely enjoyable to watch and partake in.

Do You

When considering the reservations people have about vapers it's clear that it's mostly just assumptions they make in their head.

Once someone gets to know you and sees what an awesome person you are, they'll likely not care that you vape at all.

The sexiest thing in the world is confidence from knowing who you are and loving yourself.

If you love vaping, then own it and enjoy it. You'll not only feel happier in yourself, but you'll also attract people who like you for who you are and don't judge for ridiculous reasons.

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