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Is Vaping Indoors Illegal?

Is Vaping Indoors Illegal?

ou're sitting inside a building waiting for your name to be called. Either that or you're at a coffee shop or bar. In both cases, you're craving some nicotine.

You look over to the left and see a cloud of vapor coming from the area of a satisfied-looking person. They've just got their nicotine fix by vaping indoors and you're curious about doing it yourself. Sound familiar?

Is it legal? We've got the answers to your questions about vaping indoors.

Is Vaping Indoors Legal?

The answer to that question can get a little complicated. There are a few levels that need to be considered for you to feel confident about vaping indoors. The first check is at state level.

Vaping Laws in Your State

The United States is freckled with states that haven't yet made any regulations on vaping. Statewide regulations vary from state to state and the first thing you should do is check your state's laws.

If there's a statewide ban on vaping indoors, you are out of luck. That being said, regulations often have some grey area and businesses might not mind much if you vape in their establishment.

Local Regulations

The state of Alaska doesn't have widespread laws about vaping inside. That doesn't mean that particular cities in Alaska don't have their own rules.

Your city might have vaping regulations that you need to be aware of. Juneau, Alaska doesn't allow vaping within the workplace, for example.

Rules of the Establishment

While your state may not have a cold-hard rule about vaping indoors, any establishment that doesn't want people vaping must be respected. A private establishment always has the right to refuse vaping inside their doors.

Off the books, try not to put up a fuss about these establishments. You could use a bunch of statistics about the safety of vaping, the fact that it smells great and more, but it's best to just leave it.

Some people find the smell of vapor obnoxious and that is totally understandable. You wouldn't smoke a cigarette next to someone who asked you not to, and the same logic should apply to vapes. That brings us to our next point - etiquette.

Vape Etiquette

Vaping indoors, while legal in many states, requires a little tact. You refrain from burping around old ladies and you do your best not to disturb mothers with sleeping babies. Social etiquette is about reading the room.

Say you're waiting in the lobby of your doctor's office. You're surrounded by four patients being treated for lung cancer. Their oxygen tubes and heavy breathing let you know that they are not having a particularly great time.

Take this moment as an opportunity not to puff a giant vape cloud into the room. Use your intuition and make sure people around aren't going to be offended by vaping.

Ready to Start Vaping?

If you're trying to kick cigarettes or you're looking for a way to start vaping indoors, it's time to buy a vape.

Vapes aren't complicated and you could start using yours today. If you're interested in learning more about vapes and vape culture, we've got everything you need.

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