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How to Improve Sub-Ohm Coil Life

How to Improve Sub-Ohm Coil Life

Most flavored e-liquids leave a little residue behind when you vape. The residue forms a crust on the atomizer coil of your sub-ohm tank, and eventually the crust becomes so thick that it burns. Suddenly, you’re no longer just tasting your e-liquid – you’re also tasting the burning remnants of previous tanks of e-liquid. Coil crust makes any e-liquid taste awful, and that’s only one of the problems that can cause your sub-ohm tank coils to die prematurely. Coils for any sub-ohm tank are expensive – especially when you need to use a new one every day. Vaping shouldn’t be expensive, and sub-ohm coils can last weeks if you care for them properly.

It’s time to begin taking better care of your coils and doing what you can to make them last longer. These tips will help.

Avoid Heavily Sweetened E-Liquids

Heavily sweetened e-liquids are the top killers of sub-ohm coils. If you’ve ever seen or heard an e-liquid referred to as a “coil killer,” the e-liquid in question was probably a sweetened one. The most common e-liquid sweetener is sucralose. It’s known as Splenda when it’s sold in stores, and it can make any e-liquid taste as sweet as candy. Sucralose-sweetened e-liquids are delicious, and sweetened e-liquids are more common today than ever before – which means that unsweetened e-liquids can be a bit hard to find. That’s unfortunate because sucralose doesn’t vaporize fully; some of it sticks to the coil and forms a crust. The more e-liquid you use, the more quickly the crust forms. Since sweetened e-liquids are more popular than ever – and sub-ohm tanks consume more e-liquid than ever – coil crust has become a huge problem among e-cigarette users. To reduce coil crust, use clear, unsweetened e-liquids as often as possible.

Pro Tip: If you really want to maximize coil life, try an unflavored e-liquid. Vegetable glycerin has a little sweetness of its own, and you may find that you like its neutral flavor.

Watch Your Long Puffs

If you’re the type of person who likes long, deep puffs when vaping, you may need to lower your device’s wattage to preserve the life of your coil. Otherwise, you might be vaporizing the e-liquid in your coil’s wick faster than the wick can bring in fresh e-liquid from the tank. If the wick goes dry while the coil is firing – even if it’s only for a moment – you risk damaging the cotton. Nothing ruins a sub-ohm coil more quickly than a burned wick.

Wait Between Puffs

Just like long puffs, chain vaping can be terrible for the life of an atomizer coil because if you’re constantly vaping, you aren’t giving the wick in your sub-ohm tank adequate time to re-saturate. After you puff on your e-cigarette, you may notice several small bubbles rising from the atomizer coil in your tank. The bubbles appear when the wick is drawing fresh e-liquid in. After each puff, you should wait several seconds – or until bubbles stop coming from the atomizer coil – before using your e-cigarette again.

Use the Right VG/PG Ratio

Max VG e-liquid is a bit like premium gasoline – it’s capable of giving you a better experience than the regular stuff, but there’s no point in using it unless you have equipment that can take advantage of it. VG can produce thicker vapor clouds than PG. The reason for that, though, is the fact that VG is thicker than PG. If the wick openings on the side of your sub-ohm tank coil are very small, Max VG will not flow through to the coil quickly enough. Max VG e-liquid is only for sub-ohm tanks with very large openings in their coils. Otherwise, an e-liquid with a blend of VG and PG is best.

Keep Your Tank Full

When you look at your sub-ohm tank from the side, you can most likely see the coil’s wick openings. For efficient wicking, the e-liquid in your tank needs to cover those openings. To keep e-liquid flowing through your tank, you should refill the tank when the level of e-liquid is low. Don’t wait until the tank is empty.

Install Coils the Right Way

A new sub-ohm coil needs considerable time to soak up the e-liquid from your tank before you can begin using it. Initial priming of the coil can take several minutes, but you can speed the process along a bit by placing a little e-liquid on each of a coil’s exposed cotton surfaces before installing the coil.  Close the tank’s air vents and puff on the tank a few times – without pressing the fire button – to generate a vacuum. Wait a few minutes, open the air vents and vape.

Try Cleaning Your Coils

Some people have found that they can extend sub-ohm coil life by cleaning their coils periodically. You'll never mistake a cleaned coil for a new one, but cleaning a coil may restore some lost performance and extend the coil's life by a few days. To clean a coil, submerge it in vodka. Swish the coil around a bit and leave it to soak for a few hours. After soaking the coil, rinse it under running water to remove the vodka. Leave the coil out to dry for at least 24 hours before using it again.

Use a Temperature Control Coil

If you use a regulated box mod or vape pen made within the last few years, your device most likely supports temperature control vaping. Using the temperature control function of your device enables you to set a maximum temperature for your coil. If the coil exceeds the maximum temperature – which happens during a dry hit – the device reduces its output power to avoid burning the wick. Temperature control vaping requires a device supporting that function. It also requires an atomizer coil made from nickel or titanium. Some devices also support temperature control with stainless steel and other coil materials. Give temperature control vaping a try if your coils continue to die quickly even after you’ve tried the other tips in this guide.

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