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How to Get More Vapor When Vaping

How to Get More Vapor When Vaping

Calling all cloud chasers! If you’re interested in learning how to get more vapor and generate bigger clouds, you’re in the right place. This post is all about tips and techniques for improving your cloud production!

Contrary to what many new vapers might think, creating big clouds isn’t just a matter of sucking and blowing vapor as hard as you possibly can. Rather, it’s a combination of the right vape gear and the proper technique. 

Want to create your own personal cloud forest with vapor? Here, we’ll offer some easy to follow tips that you can implement into your vape routine today to start generating more vapor so that you can create the massive clouds you crave!

How to Get More Vapor: What You Need to Know

There are two key factors involved in creating massive clouds: increased vapor production and proper technique. Let’s start with generating vapor production. 

How to Increase Vapor Production

To make bigger clouds, you’ll need a larger amount of vapor. Here’s how you can increase your output:

Choose a Powerful Device

The power of your vape device has a direct impact on the amount of vapor you’ll be able to generate. In general, the combination of a powerful battery and low resistance coil is a great pairing for improved vapor production.

This may explain the popularity of sub-ohm vaping. This style of vaping involves a special sub-ohm coil with a resistance that is below one ohm. Reduced coil resistance can really help with maximizing cloud production.

Don’t be fooled by the idea of reduced coil resistance. While the word “reduced” might imply less output, the reduced coil resistance actually allows more power to pass through. This means that the vaporization of your vape juice occurs much faster. 

This in and of itself doesn’t create more vapor, but it increases the speed and quantity of vapor that you’re able to receive. When you have a high quality device with a well-maintained sub-ohm coil and use the proper technique, this can help you generate bigger clouds. 

Adjust the Airflow

Generating spectacular clouds isn’t merely a matter of increased wattage. Airflow is an important factor to consider as well. 

Why? Because when you increase the power, the temperature of the vapor will increase. If it gets too hot, it might create an uncomfortable sensation when you actually inhale. Nobody wants to singe their throat while vaping! Happily, there’s a simple antidote. All you have to do is adjust the airflow. 

An increased airflow allows for cooling the vapor’s temperature slightly. This makes it much more pleasant to inhale, with a much more tolerable and comfortable temperature. An easy, clear airflow can help create much bigger clouds, too.  

The air helps the vapor production occur quicker, which means it comes out of the device quicker. This helps you create beautiful, consistent clouds! 

vape juice

Choose the Right Juice

Want great clouds quicker? Your vape juice must be thicker. 

Vape juice is a necessary component to vaping, and choosing the right vape juice is vital to helping maximize cloud production.

As you may already know, there are two key types of bases for vape juice: VG and PG. 

VG is short for vegetable glycerin, which acts as the base for this type of vape juice. It usually has a base of coconut oil, palm oil, or soy oil. It has a slight inherent sweetness, and a syrup-like texture. 

PG is short for propylene glycol. In terms of texture, it’s much more liquid than a VG base. Some vapers enjoy this, because it doesn’t have the same “pull” as a higher VG liquid.  

There are a ton of different vape juices out there, and you’ll typically see a ratio of VG/PG listed in the product description. The key to producing more vapor? Choose a vape juice with a higher ratio of VG. 

Big, fluffy clouds are really only possible with a higher VG vape juice. Its higher viscosity creates much thicker, more impressive clouds. 

However, note that VG vape juice can leave some residue on your device, so you’ve got to be really good about keeping it clean. No matter how great your technique or vape gear is, if your device is clogged, you’re not going to get the desired results! 

Now that you know how to get more vapor, let’s talk about some technique tips to help you create some spectacular cloud formations. 

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Technique Tips 

How can you maximize cloud production? Ultimately, practice makes perfect...but consider following these tips, too. 

Inhale and Exhale Fully Before You Vape 

This might seem like obvious advice, but it’s often overlooked. Be sure to inhale and exhale fully before you vape so that you have a clean slate for a full, deep inhale. 

When you totally empty your lungs before you vape, you’ll help ensure that you have maximum lung capacity available. More air = more vapor! 

Maintain Proper Posture

Have you ever tried to take a deep breath while you’re hunched over? It’s not so easy. There’s a reason why you automatically straighten your spine when you breathe in deeply: it’s easier to take air in when you have good posture.]

You can’t breathe in deeply when you’re hunched over. This means that when you vape, your cloud production will be limited. To really improve your clouds, you need to be sure to maintain good posture. 

Your inhale should be slow, steady, deep. When you do inhale from your vape device, inhale long and hard. It’s much easier with good posture––just give it a try and see how it feels! 

Consider Your Jaw Position

The alignment of your spine isn’t the only thing that can affect your cloud-making potential. The position of your jaw can have an impact on your output, too.

This might sound funny, but give it a try: when you exhale slowly and steadily, try slightly jutting out your jaw. This can open up your throat just a little bit more, helping the vapor out. 

Contract Your Lips

Once again, this tip that might sound funny at first, but it can help you get more vapor, so give it a try and see how it feels! 

Right around when you feel like you’re running out of air when exhaling vapor, press your lips together slightly, tightening but not closing them. This will help the last of the air shoot out and release a pleasing cloud of vapor. 

This method is kind of like squeezing a hose to control the water flow, but with your breath. The difference is subtle, but small adjustments can add up to bigger clouds! 

Practice Makes Perfect 

How many things have you excelled at right away in life? Maybe a few, but probably not everything you’ve tried! 

Like anything else in life, the art of creating large clouds with vaping requires practice. It’s not necessarily a complex thing to do, but it does take time and regular effort to refine your technique. 

By choosing the appropriate supplies, adjusting your vape device settings, and adhering to cloud chasing technique best practices, you’ll have much better chances of creating awe-worthy clouds. 

But don’t be discouraged if you’re not creating massive clouds the very first time. With time and effort, you’ll begin to get it! Have fun, and enjoy the journey. 

In Closing 

To create awesome clouds, you must generate more vapor. 

Creating more vapor is a mixture of form and function. It requires a combination of the right vape gear and the right technique for the best results.

At Blazed Vapes, we can help outfit you with the proper vape gear so that you can embark on a great cloud chasing adventure. Buying high quality vape supplies will help ensure that you get the best results possible!

Are you a cloud chaser? What’s your favorite tip for making more vapor?

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