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How to Do Easy Vape Tricks: A Beginner's Guide

How to Do Easy Vape Tricks: A Beginner's Guide

Vaping makes most people feel pretty cool on its own, but if you really want to come off suave and sophisticated, it's worth knowing how to do a few tricks.

Vape tricks completely transform your smoking experience. They make vaping way more interesting to you, and they can make you seem a little more interesting to your friends.

Tricks are a great conversation starter and a fun challenge to take on as you advance in your skills. But first, you have to start with the basics.

Here are the top 3 easy vape tricks you need to know.

1. The French Inhale

The French Inhale is arguably the sexiest trick of all time. It's when you exhale smoke out of your mouth and inhale it back up through your nose. This makes you look cool, collected, and pretty confident.

The trick to a good French Inhale begins with a nice, big pull. You then have to hold the vapor in your cheeks and learn how to let it out in a slow, controlled manner.

You don't want to let any of the vapor get away from you. Rather, you need to inhale with your nose as you open your mouth to pull every bit of vapor back up.

2. The Ghost Inhale

The Ghost Inhale is basically a variation of the French Inhale. You still start with a big pull and exhale out of your mouth. But, the point is to exhale all the vapor out at once in what looks like a little cloud right in front of you then suck it back in through your mouth.

When you get it down it kind of looks like a ghost has appeared then gone away. It's fast and swift, and it may become a natural vape trick for you to do once you're good at it.

3. Blowing O's

The final vape trick you have to learn before you work on improving your skills is how to do smoke rings, also known as blowing O's. The secret to getting good, consistent rings is the position of your lips. You have to get them in a nice little circle to mold the vapor into the shape you want it to take.

The other part of good O's is how well you can hold the vapor in your throat and time your release. You can't exhale all the smoke at once, you have to slowly push it out little by little with your tongue instead.

Master These Easy Vape Tricks and More!

Vape tricks look super cool and kind of impossible when you watch other people do them. But, all you have to do is learn the secrets behind the smoke effects to become a trick master yourself.

Work on these easy vape tricks before you try to take on other moves. These are the foundation for many advanced skills, so the better you are at these, the easier it will be to learn other tricks.

For more tips on how to do vape tricks and other interesting insights, click here.

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