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How It Works: The Science Behind Vaping

How It Works: The Science Behind Vaping

Many people use vapes as a way to quit smoking. These devices offer the same hand-to-mouth movement that people crave as smokers but involve consuming products that aren't as dangerous as tobacco.

You might've picked up interesting tricks to do with your vape besides enjoying the health benefits that come with this improved form of smoking. But have you stopped and wondered how do vapes work?

Discover more about the science behind your vape. You'll learn how it can work for you when doing tricks or simply appreciate the technical abilities this interesting device offers.

Knowing the Basics of a Vape

Vaping seems similar to smoking, but there are key differences when it comes to this healthy alternative. Unlike a cigarette, your vape gets power from a battery, which allows it to heat and make your e-juice change form so that it becomes smoke.

No matter how simple or fancy your vape is, it has three components that make smoking a breeze.

The battery within your vape makes it possible for the atomizer to get power. The atomizer changes the liquid e-juice into a chemical you inhale.

From there you inhale the vapor just as you would with a cigarette. Unlike cigarettes, you aren't burning and inhaling paper or tobacco.

Some people protest against vaping citing that it's dangerous and involves inhaling chemicals. Research shows that moving to vapes is considered a safe alternative to those who experience trouble quitting.

Once you understand the basics of how your vape works it becomes less intimidating. This makes it easy to explain to others on how it works and help to educate the public on why it's a safer alternative than smoking cigarettes.

Understand the Purpose of Conduction and Convection

There's two methods traditionally associated with vaping.

The first one is conduction and is considered the old-school method. The juice in your vape gets heated up as it comes into contact with something hot thanks to conduction.

This is sometimes not reliable, but it is a common and cheaper method for folks who vape.

The second method is known as convection, which means hot air gets blown over the e-juice, making the complete product hot. This ensures overall heating, making for a smooth taste, although these vapes aren't as cheap as ones that use conduction.

It's not imperative to pick one over the other, but knowing about the different methods to extract the juice comes in handy as you learn about the science behind vaping.

There's More Than One Way to Smoke with a Vape

When understanding how vaporizers work, there's more than one type on the market. From slim pens easy enough to tuck into a pocket or purse to customized tanks and mods that come in colors you like, you have a variety of choices when vaping.

Many people start out with pens, finding this a light and easy way to get introduced to vaping. This helps them test drive how comfortable they feel with a vape while still feeling close to a cigarette.

Many people find they enjoy benefits such as better flavor and avoiding a smell of smoke. from there, they want to commit to a vape they find enjoyable and easy to use.

There's several different vape tanks on the market that you can put choose for a customized feel. When creating a customized vape, you'll consider specific qualities such as:

  • Durability
  • Size
  • How long coil life is
  • How easy it is to refill
  • Types of coils you can use with the coils

Knowing what your options are for purchasing a vape and using it can enhance your experience. If you've decided that vaping is for you, make sure you're aware of what to consider when personalizing your vape.

Know Your Lingo When Vaping to Gain an Understanding of How it Works

Know that you know the basics and what to consider when modding your vape, it's important to learn about the components that make up your vape. This is crucial when creating your own and getting the most enjoyment from it.

Regardless of size, vapes work the same. Powering up the atomizer, changing the texture of the juice to smoke, and creating the flavor your inhale and smoke is the same in all instruments.

The various terms associated with vaping seem overwhelming at first. Know how they affect your vape provides insight on which options you'd prefer.

Tanks commonly get used, since they provide housing for the e-juice and make it simple to fill it and smoke. An RTA is like a tank, but you build it designed on what specifications you'd like your container to have.

An RDA is not a tank and doesn't hold a reservoir for the e-juice. Instead, it gives you the option to drip juice right on to the atomizer as needed.

If you're switching to an RDA, you'll find that there's a learning curve, but it gets easier the longer you use it.

The next time you go into a vape store, don't feel intimidated by the options. Now that you know how to utilize different parts to choose and create a vape you'll use, you'll feel confident in making a selection.

Learn More

Now that you've learned the answer to how do vapes work, it's easy to make an educated choice in what type of vape works best for you. If you discover a style that's easy or more enjoyable for you, it's simple enough to switch it up.

Knowing how vaping works is helpful when trying to educate others on the benefits of using a vape over cigarettes.

Now that you know the process, it's time to up your game and gain respect within the vaping circle. Check out our blog on 10 vaping tricks you need to try and consider participating in a vape competition.

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