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How a Vape Pen Works & Everything Else You've Ever Wanted to Know About Vape Pens

How a Vape Pen Works & Everything Else You've Ever Wanted to Know About Vape Pens

Nope: a vape pen isn’t a writing instrument. It’s a compact vape device, and may also be referred to as an e-cigarette, e-cig, or simply a vape. 

While the concept of a vape pen is pretty simple, the many different options out there can make choosing the right one overwhelming. Should you go for a larger or smaller model? Is disposable best, or should you opt for a reusable vape pen? 

And of course, another important question may come to mind: once I buy it, how do I actually use this thing? 

If you’re confused about vape pens, you’re in the right place. This guide will explain everything you need to know about how vape pens work, including their main components, how they vary from other vape devices, and we’ll even share some of the most popular models on the market.

How Does a Vape Pen Work? 

It’s pretty simple, actually: a vape pen works by heating liquid nicotine or e-juice. Once heated, this creates the vapor that you inhale. 

Benefits of Vape Pens

Why are vape pens so popular? Here are some of the key reasons:

  • A compact size: Vape pens are popular due to their small pen-like shape, which makes them easy to hold, use, and transport.
  • Easy to power: Vape pens are typically operated by rechargeable batteries and charge via USB, which makes them easy to power. 
  • Simple construction: When it comes to ease of use and functionality, the vape pen stands out. Unlike mods, which allow users to swap out atomizers, batteries, and other features, the vape pen keeps it simple with just a few components. 
  • Affordable: Since vape pens are typically fairly simple in construction, they tend to be among the more affordable vape devices out there.  

How To Use a Vape Pen

While there are seemingly endless variations on vape pen design, typically the mode of operation is pretty simple and goes like so: 

Place the tapered tip into your mouth. If there is a button on the side of the pen, press it gently to activate the heating element. Gently inhale. 

Wait, what button? Many vape pens have what is called a fire or activation button. This is what activates the coils that heats and subsequently vaporizes the vape juice. However, this isn’t the case for all vape pens. Some are triggered by inhaling on the mouthpiece.

To avoid confusion and make sure that you enjoy the best vape experience possible, read the instruction manual for the vape pen you’ve chosen. This will help you make sure that you’re correctly following the instructions for how to most effectively use your vape pen. 

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Main Components of a Vape Pen 

The huge variety of vape pens on the market can be overwhelming. But when it comes down to it, most of them have the same key components, including the tank or cartridge, heating element, microprocessor, battery, and an LED light. Let’s explore:

Tank or Cartridge 

This is the portion of the vape pen that stores the vape juice. Smaller vape pen setups call these pods. They may or may not be refillable, depending on the model and vape device you choose. 


Also referred to as the heating element, this is the part of the vape pen that creates heat. The heat is important, because it’s what evaporates the vape juice. It may or may not be a separate component, but it’s necessary for vaping! 

Sensors and Microprocessor 

The sensor and microprocessor are like the brain of your vape pen. They control the atomizer, adjust settings (if applicable), and may control the activation of the LED light. 


The battery powers the vape pen and is usually the longest part of the vape pen. Most vape pen batteries are rechargeable and contain a charging port. Often, this is a mini USB. 

LED Light 

The LED light is often at the tip of the vape pen, and it activates when the vape pen is being used. Depending on your device, it may blink to indicate a low battery or change colors when the battery is charging. 

Other common components you might see? A fire or activation button, which activates the heating element in the vape pen, or an LCD screen, which offers a visual display for settings. 

What is the difference between a pod vape and a vape pen? A pod vape is a two-piece vape pen featuring the battery and a pod with the juice. 

The pod may be refillable or not, depending on the model. Vape pens are larger, often have bigger tanks, and may allow some parts to be replaced or upgraded. 

Most Popular Vape Pens 

Now that you understand what vape pens are and how they work, let's look at a few of the most popular vaping models out there: 

FreeMax GEMM 80W 

With a simple, user-friendly design and plenty of great features, it’s no surprise that the FreeMax GEMM 80W is one of the more popular vape pens on the market.

A three-level wattage output adjustment design and powerful battery make it easy to customize your vape experience, while an all-metal construction ensures that this device can withstand wear and tear. 

This vape, which is part of a kit, also comes with a GEMM disposable tank, which features mesh coil compatibility and a recyclable PCTG construction. With an easy to use top-filling design, bottom adjustable airflow, and a 4mL vape juice capacity, this pen has everything you need for a pleasant vape experience. 

Horizon Falcon 80W

Looking for a slim vape that has plenty of style? The Horizon Falcon 80W may be just the ticket. This vape pen, which we offer in a kit, has plenty of pleasing features for vapers of all levels. 

Featuring an ergonomic body design, it’s available in a range of eye-catching prism colors that make it an eye-catching vape device. 

An approximately half-inch display located on the bottom face of the device displays all the information you need, and it’s powered by a single 18650 battery (not included). Features like a 6.0 juice capacity, adjustable airflow, and mesh coil compatibility make this vape device a popular model.

SMOK Stick 80W Kit

The Smok Stick 80W Kit includes one of the most popular vape pens on the market. 

The Smok Stick 80W features a large internal battery yet has a compact and ergonomically designed body. 

A wattage output dial and a built-in LED battery life indicator make it easy to monitor your settings on this easy to use vape device. 

The kit also includes a SMOK TF Tank, which has mesh coil compatibility. Its 6mL vape juice capacity makes it ideal for vaping on the go.

Finally, this vape device is available in six different eye-catching colors, so you can choose the one that best suits your personality and style. 

SMOK Vape Pen Nord 19

The SMOK Vape Pen Nord 19 is the perfect all-in-one solution vape pen. 

Available in a variety of colors, this device is compact and portable, but packs plenty of power and features into a small unit. This vape device is designed for both mouth-to-lung as well as sub-ohm users, and built-in 1300mAh battery that’s perfect for helping you generate epic clouds.

As an added bonus? A thoughtful locking mechanism on the tank’s rotary top-fill design helps prevent messy leaks. 

One-button functionality and automatic wattage and settings help keep things simple, so you can focus on enjoying a satisfying vape experience! 

Horizon Magico Stick Kit

The Horizon Magico Stick Kit may not have actual magical powers, but it does offer an incredible vape experience. 

The Horizon Magico is a compact unit that has the power of a larger mod, with a powerful battery that is suitable for all-day use.

It’s also a smart unit. A Horizon microchip automates electrical resistance, so you never have to worry about monitoring it manually. 

An adjustable airflow makes this vape pen suitable for both MTL and DTL users, and its top-filling design is super simple and user-friendly. 

It’s also available in a variety of different colors, so you can choose your own adventure in terms of style. 

Disposable Vape Pens 

There’s also a great variety of smaller, single-use vape pens often sold by major retailers that sell tobacco products. 

These include the Puff Bar, Mojo, and Stig. These mass market vape pens offer fewer features and options and are thrown away once the pre-filled juice is depleted. 


Considering purchasing a vape pen? If so, it’s super important to be educated on what vape pens are, how they work, and what kinds of features to look for.

In reading this post, you’ve gained a great education on vape pens, so that you can be a more educated consumer. Be sure to seek out a vape pen that meets all of your needs and desires to make sure that you have the best vape experience possible! 

What kinds of features do you look for in a vape pen? We want to hear from you! Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts!

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