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Competitive Vaping: What You Need to Get the Biggest Vape Clouds

Competitive Vaping: What You Need to Get the Biggest Vape Clouds

aping is massively popular. It pulls in a staggering $795 million per year - and that dollar amount is constantly climbing.

Of the 35 million vapers out there, some see vaping as an alternative to cigarettes. Others like the convenience and the different flavors that are available.

But then there are those that take vaping to a whole other level. We're talking about the vape masters that do tricks on YouTube and Instagram.

Want to learn how to blow the biggest vape clouds like the pros? We make it easy for you.

Read our step-by-step guide on getting massive vapor clouds and get ready to blow your friends away!

Power Up Your Vape Rig

If you're a casual vaper, you'll have to step up your game to be considered a cloud chaser. That means investing in your vape rig.

A surefire way to generate bigger clouds is to vape with a low resistance coil and a battery that can supply enough power.

A lower resistance coil gets power to the circuit. Your liquid vaporizes quickly that way, allowing you to get more vapor at one time.

Better Batteries

Getting the right battery is important when it comes to fine-tuning your cloud vape pen. You want something that can give you control over the voltage and wattage so you can find your preference.

There are simpler rigs with a fixed voltage that can still get you big clouds. You can start out with one of these if you want to save money and practice.

If you want to get into a vape competition, though, you'll eventually need a custom rig to get the setting just right.

E-Juice Is Important

What your e-juice is made of matters when it comes to vape clouds.

E-juice has two components - PG and VG. PG amounts to the flavor of the product but VG produces the vapor.

Purchasing e-liquid that has more VG than PG produces bigger clouds, but there's a catch. Without the PG, it doesn't taste that great. Find the right blend to satisfy your taste buds and your need for lots of smoke.

Work On Your Technique

You've got the rig, but now you have to get the technique down. Here's a few tips to get you started:

  • Completely clear your lungs. Inhale deeply and exhale as far as possible.
  • Inhale long and hard, filling your lungs with as much vapor as possible. Straighten your back to expand your lungs as far as you can.
  • Push your jaw out when you go to exhale. This opens up your throat and releases more vapor.
  • Right at the end of your breath, tighten your lips. This forces the vapor to shoot out and creates a huge cloud.

With a bit of practice, you can be a pro cloud chaser in no time.

Get The Biggest and Best Vape Clouds

With our vaping hacks, you'll be blowing big, high-quality clouds of smoke. It takes a little bit of practice to go pro, so start practicing today.

To get those great vape clouds, you'll need to get the right rig. Check out our huge selection of customizable parts and chase those clouds!

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