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The Best Drip Tips of 2020

The Best Drip Tips of 2020

“Drip tip” might sound like something you’d use for a home repair project, but it’s not. A drip tip is actually one of the most popular vape accessories! They can be used with a variety of different devices, including Tanks, RDAs, RBAs, RTAs, and RDTAs.


If you’ve been vaping for a little while and have a moderate amount of experience, you’re probably already familiar with cartridges and cartomizers. If you’re interested in advancing further in vaping and exploring other options, a drip tip could be the perfect next step. 

Drip tips are easy to use, and they let you streamline your vape experience easily and inexpensively. 

Don’t be worried: it’s not complicated. The drip tip is actually a pretty simple accessory. It’s simply a hollow mouthpiece that you can use instead of the more traditional cartridges or cartomizers. 

Interested to learn more about how they work and how to use them? Well, you’re in the right spot.

By the time you finish reading this post, you’ll be up to speed on all things drip tip. You’ll learn what a drip tip is, how it works, and the advantages of using one. 

If you’re interested in putting your newfound knowledge to work, we’re also profiling some of the best drip tips to try in 2019, based on popularity, reviews, and sales data from the Blazed Vapes store! 

What’s a Drip Tip? 

A drip tip is an accessory that provides an alternative to the cartridges and cartomizers that are common in many vape devices. 

But in terms of an actual object, what is it? A drip tip is a fairly small, hollow mouthpiece. For a basic idea of how it looks, think of the mouthpiece for an instrument. However, keep in mind that a drip tip is usually a lot more stylized and has a very different function than an instrument mouthpiece! 

When you use a drip tip, it allows you to avoid disassembling your device every time you need a vape juice refill. Since the drip tip screws right onto the atomizer, it lets you drip the liquid directly. The liquid then flows through the center more directly onto the heating coil in the atomizer.

When you feed the atomizer directly like this, it lets you “refuel” without needing to remove any pieces first. This is super handy if you’re vaping on the go and may not have the time or space to disassemble and reassemble with ease. 

Drip tips are convenient, and as a bonus, they’re usually fairly inexpensive. So giving it a try isn’t going to break the bank, and it’s a fun way to test out new styles of vaping. 

How Does it Work? 

Once you install your drip tip, it’s time to let the fun begin! Let’s take a minute to talk about how “dripping,” or using a drip tip, actually works.

It’s pretty easy: you drip your vape juice right onto the atomizer via the drip tip.

Since the drip tip is in direct contact with the atomizer, it lets the vape juice flow right to the heat source that transforms it into vapor. The proximity to the coil allows for super-quick heating, and it gives you a nice, strong, consistent hit of vapor. 

Can dripping be tricky at first? Yes, a little bit. But it’s like just about anything else in life––once you go through the initial learning curve and experience a little trial and error, it gets a lot easier. 

As for the trial and error with drip tips? You might need a little practice in terms of how much juice to add. If you add too much, you can experience overflow; if you let the wick dry out without dripping more juice, you might get a slightly burnt flavor. But after you try it out a few times, you’ll find that it’s not terribly hard to do. 

Of course, not all drip tips offer an identical experience. It’s worth noting that the size and shape of the drip tip can impact your overall experience, too. 

You could think of the drip tip’s opening as the nozzle of a hose. If you adjust the nozzle to give it a smaller opening, the flow of water will come out in a more concentrated stream; a larger opening will allow for more flow.

It’s sort of like this with your drip tip. The size of the opening will have an effect on the concentration and intensity of the vapor hit. 

A drip tip that has a larger opening will help you generate more vapor because the airflow is superior. However, the increased airflow can dilute the intensity of the flavor. 

A smaller drip tip opening might not yield as much vapor, but it does tend to give you a greater concentration of flavor. 

In terms of design, some drip tips will even feature extra holes throughout the body; some drip tips even feature a honeycomb pattern. It’s all about choosing the option that works best with your preference and style. 

Other drip tips offer further personalization by giving you the ability to open and close the holes. This gives you the ability to adjust the airflow. So you could reduce the airflow for a more concentrated flavor, or increase the airflow for more vapor and greater cloud production! 

Final note? Always check that the drip tip you’ve chosen is compatible with your vape device. Usually, drip tips will be sold in specific sizes––it’s up to you to make sure that you choose one that will fit with your device. An incorrect size won’t screw in correctly, so it’s worth taking a few moments to confirm you’ve chosen an appropriate size!  

Advantages of Drip Tips 

Curious about why vape enthusiasts love drip tips? Here are some of the biggest advantages:

Customize Your Vape Experience

Most new vapers don’t realize how much personalization is possible with vaping. Many newbies start with disposables or simpler mods. But as they progress and learn the ropes, the high level of customization becomes more appealing.

You can tailor your experience to your liking by choosing different setups and raw materials. By incorporating accessories like drip tips, you can really cultivate the specific vape experience you’re looking for.

Easy and Convenient  

Perhaps one of the biggest draws to using a drip tip? It’s easy and convenient when you’re on the move.

When you use a drip tip, you don’t have to remove a bunch of parts to refill vape juice. You can simply drip the liquid right onto the atomizer, removing several steps from the process. It makes for ease of use while traveling. 

Types of Drip Tips

Within the category of drip tips, you’ll find a huge variety of styles and sizes to choose from. The shape, size, material, and length will all have an impact on the temperature and overall production of vapor. 

First, let’s talk size. There are two standard sizes for drip tips: 510 and 810. The 510 tips are narrower and allow less airflow (but more concentrated flavor). The 810 tips are wider and allow for more airflow, meaning more cloud production but a less concentrated flavor. 

Next, let’s talk material. Vape drip tips can be made out of stainless steel, glass, ceramic, or plastic...let’s explain some of the selling points of each. 

Glass: If you’re looking for a drip tip that offers superior functionality but beautiful form too, glass might be the right material for you. It’s naturally heat resistant, and flavor purists are typically quick to insist it’s the best material. 

However, if you tend to have butterfingers, it’s worth noting that glass is breakable, so you’ll need to take care of a glass drip tip. Look out specifically for a Pyrex drip tip for greater durability. 

Pyrex? Yep, the same stuff that they use to make those heavy duty casserole pans. Pyrex is heat resistant and sturdy, so it’s a great choice for a glass drip tip. 

Wood: Looking for a natural and stylish look with your drip tip? Consider wood. It offers a subtle beauty and awesome heat resistance.

Wooden drip tips are available in both regular and wide-bore options. Wood imparts a slight impact on the flavor you’re dripping, so be sure to research the finish and treatment that the wood has undergone. 

An inferior finish can leave the wood exposed to heat and moisture while vaping. This could cause the wood to warp, swell out, or lose its shape...or to splinter, which is no fun when you’re using the drip tip with your mouth! 

In general, beeswax is a good material for treating a wooden drip tip. 

Acrylic and Other Plastics: Acrylic is a versatile and popular material for drip tips. An acrylic drip tip offers great heat resistance, and there’s plenty of variety in terms of shapes and colors.

From short to long options and a myriad of colors from the rainbow, acrylic drip tips are among the most dynamic––and stylish––options for drip tips. As an added bonus, they tend to be super sturdy! 

Acrylic isn’t the only plastic used to make drip tips, though. You’ll also find drip tips made out of three other primary plastics: Delrin, Teflon, and Ultem are some common ones.

  • Delrin is one of the most common materials for plastic drip tips. It’s sturdy, highly heat resistant, and comes in a variety of color combinations. 
  • Teflon, which is the same nonstick material in cooking pans, is often a top pick for people who vape at a high wattage. They offer great heat resistance. 
  • Utem has become more popular in recent years. It’s not only heat resistant, but solvent and flame resistant, too. It makes it a super sturdy and safe material! Utem is generally characterized by color: they’re typically dark yellow or black. 

In general, acrylic and plastic tips are available in a range of lengths, sizes, and a huge variety of artful colors. They also have a smooth, pleasant mouthfeel. 

Stone: Stone drip tips are artful and expensive looking, but they usually don’t break the bank––they just look fancy. 

Marble or other stone gives your drip tip a unique, eye-catching look. They tend to come in wide bore styles, which makes them popular with the cloud chasers of the world. 

Note: curious about how to make bigger clouds? Check out this post! 

Marble drip tips are limited in terms of color variety, and some options may vary based on natural variation. Usually, this style of drip tip has a stainless steel base for easy connection and the stone mouthpiece is mounted to the base.  

Stainless Steel and Other Metals: Metal might not sound like an ideal choice for a drip tip. After all, isn’t it a heat conductor?

True: metal might not be the best choice for high wattage vaping, because the metal can get hot. However, there are plenty of benefits to using a metal drip tip. Some of the most popular options are titanium, copper, and stainless steel. 

First, they’re super sturdy. You’re not going to break these simply by dropping them! 

When considering a metal drip tip, you’ll want to look for a couple things. First, look for a tip that has a high quality finish. Lower quality metal drip tips can impart, well, a metallic taste to the flavor. 

Second, consider a combination of materials. A metal drip tip with a plastic lining could be the perfect combo, allowing for the heat resistance of plastic but the streamlined, fashionable look of metal. 

 Carbon Fiber: Carbon fiber is a popular material for drip tips, because it’s extremely heat resistant and lightweight. Drip tips made from carbon fiber with metal accents are commonplace these days! 

What Drip Tip is Right For You? 

When it comes to choosing the perfect drip tip, the good news is that there’s no right or wrong answer. Rather, it’s about figuring out your personal needs and choosing the option that allows you to have the experience you’re looking for. 

Some drip tips are specifically designed for particular vape devices. If there is a specific drip tip designed for the vape device you love, that’s often a great starting point. However, most drip tips are suitable for a variety of devices––just make sure it’s the right size. 

The good news is that regardless of the style or material, most drip tips are quite affordable. This means that you can experiment with different types to see which one works best for you. 

The Best Drip Tips of 2020

Ready to get started with dripping? That means it’s time to start shopping for a drip tip. But with so many options out there, it can be hard to know where to get started.

This list is designed to take some of the guesswork out of the process. Here, we’ve assembled a list of some of the most popular drip tips from the Blazed Vapes store. 

These are some of the highest-reviewed and top-selling drip tips we offer. If you’re looking to get started with drip tips, these are some of the best of the best in 2019...a fantastic starting point! 

Wismec Gnome King Mouthpiece Drip Tip

In 2019, the Wismec Gnome King Mouthpiece Drip Tip has been one of the bestselling drip tips in the Blazed Vapes store.

This drip tip was originally designed as a companion piece for the super-popular Wismec Gnome King Tank. If you’re one of that mod’s many fans, this is the perfect drip tip for you!

However, if you don’t happen to own that device, it’s also suitable for use with other vape devices as well. It’s compatible with all 810 ports, so it’s possible to use this popular drip tip with a number of different mods. 

The 810 size makes for a wide bore drip tip offering plenty of great airflow. This honeycomb drip tip is made from resin, and comes in a variety of pleasing colors. 

Wismec Gnome King Mouthpiece Drip Tip

FreeMax FireLuke Mesh Tank Top Cover and Drip Tip Combo

Here’s another super popular drip tip from the Blazed Vapes store: the FreeMax FireLuke Mesh Tank Top Cover and Drip Tip Combo

The name may be a mouthful, but this drip tip has plenty to offer.

First and foremost, it’s multi-functional. This isn’t just a drip tip, but it doubles as a mesh tank top cover. So you get more bang for your buck with this combo item.

Second, it’s a well-made product.Featuring high quality stainless steel construction, it’s a sturdy piece and built to last. 

This combo was designed for use with the FreeMax FireLuke Mesh Tank, but the top cap is compatible with other 810 drip tips. This combo is available in metal, carbon fiber, and resin variants. 

FreeMax FireLuke Mesh Tank Top Cover and Drip Tip Combo

Chubby Gorilla 510 Drip Tip

If you’re looking for a drip tip that’s versatile, affordable, and easy to use, this might just be the drip tip for you. The Chubby Gorilla 510 Drip Tip is a super popular item in the Blazed Vapes store, and with plenty of good reasons. 

First, let’s talk compatibility. It’s suitable for use with all 510 mods, and will give you a snug, leak-free fit with a huge variety of RDAs, RTAs, tanks, and atomizers. 

The 8mm wide-bore design helps you attain maximum vapor production, meaning this is a great drip tip for cloud chasers. 

The strong, sturdy design featuring ABS plastic means this drip tip is built to last. In terms of colors, you’ve got plenty of options too: it comes in black, blue, red, white, and yellow. 

Chubby Gorilla 510 Drip Tip

AsMODus 510 Drip Tip

AsMODus is one of the most popular vape device/accessory manufacturers out there. 

Based in Los Angeles, this company has made a name for itself as an innovator in design, and a pioneer in creating awesome new vape products. They’ve been around since 2014, and are generally viewed as one of the best manufacturers in the game. 

AsMODus products tend to be among the most popular offerings in the Blazed Vapes store. That’s definitely true in the drip tip category––you’re going to see quite a few of their products on this list.

The AsMODus 510 Drip Tip is one of our bestselling drip tips. It’s a versatile, resin-based drip tip that is mega sturdy...and works with all 510 ports. 

This versatile resin-based drip tip is super sturdy, and it’s compatible with all 510 ports. It features a unique marbled design––no two are quite alike. But regardless of the color you receive, the design is bound to add an eye-catching element to your setup. 

AsMODus 510 Drip Tip

AsMODus Dinky Drip Tip 

Another asMODus drip tip on the list! The AsMODus Dinky Drip Tip shares some of the awesome characteristics of the 510 drip tip discussed above, but has a few unique differences. 

Like the popular 510 drip tip, this is a stylish resin drip tip that looks and feels great. However, this design is a little narrower, which makes it ideal for concentrating flavor production. It makes for a great way to savor the many creative vape juice flavors out there right now!

It’s also versatile. The AsMODus Dinky Drip Tip is compatible with a number of top-rated mods from the Blazed Vape Store, including the Smok TFV8 Big Baby Tank, the 528 Custom Vape Goon RDA, the 528 Custom Vape Goon LP RDA and the Kennedy RDA.

AsMODus Dinky Drip Tip

SMOK TVF12 Prince Baby Drip Tips 

Sometimes, the most in demand drip tips are created to satisfy demand for pairing with popular tanks. That’s the case with the SMOK TVF12 Baby Prince Drip Tip.

This drip tip was created as a companion piece to the SMOK TFV12 Baby Prince Sub-ohm Tank, which is one of the most popular tanks on the market. For fans of this super-popular tank, this drip tip is a no-brainer! 

While this drip tip is custom-built to fit the aforementioned sub-ohm tank, it’s a stand-alone work of art. Design-wise, this is a truly incredible-looking drip tip, with a swirl resin pattern that comes in a variety of pleasing pastel colors. 

When you order this drip tip, it comes with a matching replacement tube. Nice touch! It’s nice to know that you’ve got a backup of supplies. Way to feel secure and stylish while you drip! 

SMOK TVF12 Prince Baby Drip Tips

Still Chuck Wave Drip Tip 

This press-fit wide bore tip looks great...and works great, too! The Still Chuck Wave Drip Tip offers a great combo of vapor production and efficiency.

It’s a real looker: unique, modern, space-age patterns are unique to each individual drip tip. It’s compatible with 510 tanks, so feel free to pair it with your favorite mod for a stylish addition.

Go ahead: make a statement with this well-designed and mega popular drip tip from the Blazed Vapes store!  

SMOK TVF12 Prince Baby Drip Tips

AsMODus 810 Drip Tip Hybrid Metal Bubba Comb Style

Yup: another offering from AsMODus makes the “best of” list! This time, it’s a wider variation of a drip tip.

The AsMODus 810 Drip Tip Hybrid Metal Bubba Comb Style is a hybrid drip tip. It’s composed of both metal and acrylic, and features a threadable stainless steel base. This custom-fitted drip tip will fit any 810 atomizer, provided it doesn’t have an internal o-ring. 

The honeycomb pattern and swirls of color beneath make this drip tip a beauty to behold; sturdy construction means that it’s built to last and is suitable for long term use. 

asMODus 810 Drip Tip Hybrid Metal Bubba Comb Style

asMODus 810 Drip Tip Bubba Comb Style

Were you bummed out to read that the aforementioned drip tip wasn’t compatible with 810 atomizers that have o-rings? 

Well, good news: this drip tip, the asMODus 810 Drip Tip Bubba Comb Style, is suitable for 810 atomizers featuring an internal o-ring.  

It features the same eye-catching honeycomb pattern with swirls of color beneath, so it’s a good looking drip tip to behold, and just as strong and sturdy as any of the best drip tips out there. 

asMODus 810 Drip Tip Bubba Comb Style


asMODus 810 Drip Tip Dinky Wide Bore Style

If you’re looking for a high quality 810 wide bore drip tip that comes in completely cosmic colors, this is the drip tip for you. 

Here, AsMODus offers up a popular wide bore companion to its popular Dinky drip tip. The asMODus 810 Drip Tip Dinky Wide Bore Style is a custom resin drip tip that’s designed 

for use with your rebuildable atomizer or sub-ohm tank.

What really makes this design stand out is its eye-popping colors. Why fit in when you were born to stand out? Every drip tip is unique, so you’re bound to have an eye catching new drip tip to add to your setup! 

asMODus 810 Drip Tip Dinky Wide Bore Style

asMODus 810 Drip Tip Stumpy Comb Style

If you’re looking for a high quality comb style drip tip, the AsMODus 810 Drip Tip Stumpy Comb Style might be a compelling choice for you.

This popular drip tip is designed for use with any 810 atomizer that features an internal o-ring. That means that no matter what kind of vape device you prefer, if it’s the appropriate size and has the o-ring, this drip tip will fit. How’s that for freedom?

It’s slightly tightened, meaning that this drip tip can maximize airflow while also making the best flavor production possible. 

This comb style drip tip comes in a variety of luminescent colors, so it’s definitely a classy addition to your vape setup! 

asMODus 810 Drip Tip Stumpy Comb Style

Still Chuck Orion DNA Drip Tip

The design of the Still Chuck Orion DNA Drip Tip is second to none. Featuring a hollow, cylindrical design with eye-catching random swirls, it’s a looker for sure, but it’s also prized for its superior function. 

Once you use this drip tip, you’ll see it’s definitely not all about good looks! Thoughtful touches abound.

The unique press-fit nature of the design lets you customize your vape setup easily and simply. This drip tip sits flush on all Orion DNA Pod systems. 

Every design is random but beautiful, so no matter what color you receive you’re bound to be pleased with this drip tip.

Still Chuck Orion DNA Drip Tip

Wotofo Recurve Dual RDA Drip Tip

Modern, sleek, beautiful. Those are some of the words you might use to describe the Wotofo Recurve Dual RDA Drip Tip.

This popular drip tip was designed as a companion piece to the equally popular Recurve Dual RDA.  

In terms of construction, it features a wide bore design, smooth surface, and feels super comfortable. But it’s also among the better-looking drip tips out there.

This drip tip features a streamlined resin design that comes in a variety of trendy-looking frosted finishes including a ghostly frosted clear, frosted black, or yellow utem. 

Wotofo Recurve Dual RDA Drip Tip

iJoy Cigpet Resin Drip Tip Pack of 5

Quintuple your pleasure! iJoy CIGPET Resin Drip Tips are an extremely popular offering in the Blazed Vapes store. It’s a pack of five drip tips, so you’ll be stylin’ for a good long while! 

These wide bore drip tips are composed entirely of resin, making them a sturdy and good-looking offering. 

Due to their unique manufacturing process, no two drip tips are identical––it’s like a surprise to see what colors you’ll get. You can rest assured they’ll look great! 

These drip tips fit a variety of 510 ports, making them a popular pairing with several devices from the Blazed Vapes store, including the GOON RDA, Kennedy RDA, Limitless RDTA, Karma RDTA, Smok TFV8 Cloud Beast, TFV8 Big Baby, TFV12 Beast Tank, IJOY XL, and the IJOY MAXO V12.

iJoy Cigpet Resin Drip Tip Pack of 5

AsMODus Drip Tip - V2

The highly respected AsMODus brand has done it again! The AsMODus Drip Tip - V2 is an extremely unique-looking custom drip tip with a distinctly galactic vibe. 

Colors are random, but the unique resin design features space-age style design that is bound to add a little style to your tank.

Great news: this drip tip is compatible with a variety of different vape devices. It fits all 810 ports, so pair it with your favorite appropriately-sized device!

AsMODus Drip Tip - V2

Bonus: Still Chuck Tip-N-Tank Combo for Valyrian Tank

We couldn’t resist adding this one to the list as a bonus. Technically, it’s not just a drip tip: it’s a two-in one tip and tank combo.

The Still Chuck Tip-N-Tank Combo for Valyrian Tank offers a unique combination of a tip paired with a tank...perfect for newbies to dripping, as it’s kind of a “one stop shop” deal! 

This item lets you enjoy the wide bore drip tip experience, similar to a Chuff Cap on a Valyrian tank...and comes with an acrylic tank to match. 

The tip and tank are both constructed of a solid piece of acrylic, and the tips come with double o-rings at the base, making for an ergonomic design and totally solid fit. That’s pure comfort...and awesome function! 

Since the manufacturing process yields a variety of color and pattern variations, no two are exactly the same. However, all of them are equally eye catching! This drip tip combo is compatible with the Valyrian Tank by Uwell. 

Still Chuck Tip-N-Tank Combo for Valyrian Tank

Need a Device For That Drip Tip? 

Drip tips can be paired with a variety of different rebuildable devices from the Blazed Vapes online shop. They’re appropriate for use with RDAs, RBAs, RTAs, and RDTAs...take your pick from our extensive selection! 

In Closing: The Best Drip Tips of 2020

If you’ve been thinking about simplifying your vape setup to suit your busy, on-the-go lifestyle, dripping could be the ideal solution. Drip tips are easy on the wallet, simple to install, and it doesn’t take too long to get the hang of the process!

In this post, we’ve offered you an education on dripping and drip tips, as well as a thorough roundup of the most popular offerings from the Blazed Vapes store. Interested in giving dripping a try? Try one of these drip tips and see for yourself why they’re so popular! 


What drip tip do you love best! Leave a comment and tell us about your favorite!

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