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12 Questions You Might Be Afraid to Ask About Vaping

12 Questions You Might Be Afraid to Ask About Vaping

The vaping community is growing every day. More people are discovering that unique sensation of blowing large vapor clouds. The feeling of breathing in soothing warmth.

If you're one of the newcomers to vaping, it's normal to have some questions. Sometimes, it's intimidating to go into a shop and start asking questions to the experts.

In this case, a vaping FAQ is the best way to find those answers. We've gone through some of the most common questions to help you get started on your vaping journey.

Vaping FAQ

1. What's the Appeal of Vaping?

Vaping is an experience, one you can't replicate with anything else. Even smoking doesn't quite compare to the experience.

There's also the appeal of ultimate customization. With vaping, you can choose every little detail, including the gear you use and the liquids you consume.

Plus, there's the added bonus of the community. Once you begin to vape, you'll be joining a large and welcoming community that spans continents.

2. Is Vaping Cheaper Than Smoking Cigarettes?

Most people who have made the switch find that, yes, it is. The initial purchase of your gear might cost more than a pack of cigarettes, but that gear will last you a long time.

The only thing you'll need to buy after that is e-juice and replacement parts, all of which tend to cost far less than buying multiple cigarette packs.

3. Will Vaping Help Me Stop Smoking?

Each person's experience is different, but a lot of people find that vaping does help them to stop smoking. It allows them to fulfill the same craving they get from smoking as they work to quit.

The unique benefit to vaping is that you can begin to taper down the amount of nicotine in your e-juice until you're nicotine-free. No more cravings for you.

4. Where is Vaping Allowed?

It kind of depends on where you live, as many states are still trying to put their own laws into place. As a general rule, if you're allowed to smoke there, then you're allowed to vape.

But, the best thing to do is to ask before you start. While it might not be illegal to vape in most places, it all depends on the owner. When in doubt, asking beforehand will save you a lot of grief.

5. Is It Healthier Than Cigarettes?

A vape FAQ isn't complete without this question and the answer is simple. Yes, vaping is healthier than cigarettes.

It isn't weighed down with fillers that can harm you, and the vapor you inhale isn't as damaging as the black smoke you get from cigarettes. This alone makes it a much healthier option to smoking traditional cigarettes.

6. What is E-Juice?

This is the liquid you add to your vaping device and then inhale. E-juice comes in hundreds of different flavors and brands. There's anything from tobacco-inspired flavors to a nice cinnamon bun flavor.

Make certain that you always buy from a trustworthy source to ensure that the liquids are of the highest quality.

7. Is there Nicotine in E-Juice?

A lot of the time, yes, there is. But it's easy to find nicotine-free e-juices as well.

You'll find the amount of nicotine written on the bottle, making it easy to choose what you want.

If you're starting out, the best way to go is to start off nicotine-free. If that doesn't hit the spot, then go up in small increments until you find what works for you.

8. What Are PG and VG?

These are the bases for e-juice. PG stands for propylene glycol, and VG stands for vegetable glycol. PG tends to have a stronger throat hit when you inhale, whereas VG is sweeter on the palate. PG produces less vapor than VG but has a stronger sensation on that initial inhalation.

Both are viable options and it all comes down to personal preference.

9. Does Vaping Taste the Same as Cigarettes?

This depends on the type of e-juice you're using. There are tobacco flavored juices available that can replicate the sensation of a cigarette. They're a great option for anyone trying to quit smoking.

But there are hundreds of other flavors available that make vaping unique and special. Why not try something new, like a silky chocolate flavor or tangy lemonade?

10. Does Vaping Gear Require Maintenance?

Yes. To get the most out of your vaping gear, you'll need to keep the components cleaned and charged.

Coils, for instance, wear down the more you use the device and need replacing every once in a while. Plus, it's good to give your gear a thorough cleaning to ensure they're sanitary and working at their highest performance.

11. How Often Do I Recharge the Batteries?

This depends on how much you're using your vaping device and the type of battery it uses.

One of the best things to do is to have an extra battery. That way, you can always switch to a charged battery when the other one runs out. You won't need to worry about charge times and you won't have the heartbreak of having a dead battery interrupt your vape.

12. What Vaping Gear Should I Get?

The best way to go as a beginner is to seek out a good starter kit. These kits will come with everything you need to get a basic set of vaping gear. They also come with instruction manuals that will tell you how to use the gear.

Once you have a bit more experience with vaping in general, you might want to expand your collection. But to begin with, a starter kit will get you vaping as soon as possible.

Don't Be Afraid to Ask Questions

We've all been new to vaping at one point or another. Reading a vaping FAQ like this one will help, but sometimes you might have other questions not written on a list.

In that case, contact a reputable person or company, and start asking those vape questions. The vaping community is vast and friendly and we're all more than happy to help out a newcomer.

You'll be welcomed into the world of vaping with open arms.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you have at any time.

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